How do you get over your first boyfriend?


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Honey, I dont know what to tell you. Im still trying to get over my first boyfriend, and its been over 20 years. Some people you just never get over. They will always be in a special place in your heart. good luck you have fun and do what girlz do beat!!


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First and foremost i can not allow him to take over. Because he might not have the qualities of the boyfriend i need.

most men never stop obsessing over their first

listen to some music and think about your life without him. be happy and keep busy. or get a new boyfriend.

only time will allow you to get over an ex-boyfriend. also avoid him.

probably over 13 (because that is when you first start to be a teenager) :)

obviously you aren't over him, but he is most definitely over you. you weren't the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. deal with it and move on.

Get over it. He was your first crush, past tense. While you may have some feeling for him, you didn't have enough to have him as a boyfriend so wish them well and forget about it.

I know she had a boyfriend named George Craig and I think that was her first boyfriend.

It'll blow over. Keep in mind: Your boyfriend shouldn't have ignored you in the first place.

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you should get your first boyfriend when you and your parents are ready

First get all sexy but if your boyfriend doesn't like that invite him over for diner then when diner is over say i will walk you home and then say i love you and BOOM he kiss you!If this doesn't work nothing will!

I think that the girlfriend should definitely introduce her boyfriend to her family first.

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You Try as much as you can to get over him,commit yourself to your new Boyfriend.

First show your brother all nice things your boyfriend is and if he still doesn't like him tell you brother to talk to your boyfriend so your brother can get to know him. And he should like you boyfriend after he gets to know him

You need to get over the first guy and find someone that is better for you and that likes you in return

Miley was about 10 years old when she had her first boyfriend.

Katie was 13 when she got her first boyfriend.

If you are trying to get over your abusive ex boyfriend, spend time learning something new.

bryce is her boyfriend/first love

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