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Here is advice: * Strong paint thinner will after a few applications finally clear it * If you can afford it (and the price is coming down), a pressure washer will work wonders on paint. Once you own one you'll find all kinds of uses for it. * The pressure washer is great advice. I have a pressure washer and used it to remove 30 year old paint off of brick. * Solvents, even carburetor cleaners, are more effective with dry rags to absorb the paint residue. Be sure to dispose of the rags safely or contain them properly for future use. * I have been soaking an area with some red oil based over spray with paint thinner (for approx 1 min) and then going over it with the pressure washer with limited success so far. 1550 PSI pressure washer $100 Home Depot. or to save yourself some $. Get a quart of paint stripper and wash it off with a garden hose. paint thinner will do it but a stripper is a higher concentrate and theres no sense buying a pressure washer if you dont' need it.

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Q: How do you get paint off of concrete?
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How do you get fingerpaint off concrete?

try pressure washing it off. . .this should lift off that kind of paint or you can use acid wash for concrete

How do you get spray paint off the street?

Pressure washer with concrete cleaner

Can you paint over previously painted concrete floor?

Yes one can pain over previously painted concrete floor. To do this one will first have to get all of the loose paint and debris off of the concrete floor and then simply paint over it.

Can you paint over old concrete paint?

Yes, as long as it's not flaking off. If it is, use a primer first.

How do you get enamel spray paint off concrete?

Pressure washer works well

What can you use to paint a concrete bird bath bowl?

Go to a paint store and get a concrete sealer. This is a paint that will seal the concrete so you can paint without all you paint being absorbed into the concrete. Then paint it on and let it dry. Next paint the color you have decided to paint the bird bath.

How can i strip paint of off concrete?

yes,go to your local lowes and stop by the paint dept. tell them you are looking for Jasco paint stripper. it works on concrete masonary metal wood and more. it should work for ya.

Concrete Paint ?

form_title= Concrete Paint form_header= Become a DIY pro with concrete paint. How much paint do you need?*= _ [50] Where will you be painting? *= _ [50] What is the square footage of the area?*= _ [50]

How do you get red die off of concrete?

That may not come out! Power washing may help or concrete paint. You can get both at your neighborhood hardware store.

What is the best outdoor paint for concrete?

Silicate paint is the best outdoor paint for concrete. When using this type paint, you do not have to use a sealant or anything to waterproof the paint. This paint will be all you need.

What type of paint do you use on concrete parking lot?

You use concrete paint. Available in Home Depot.

Will painted concrete last in the snow?

Well I think that the paint will just rinse off. Because paint is washable and snow is mostly frozen water

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