How do you get paranormal spirits in your house?



NEVER, EVER USE A OUIJA BOARD. For any reason. Nothing but bad things happen with them. Ouija's are not toys, nor are the spirits they can bring usually good - they are not to be trifled with.

Spirits/ghosts inhabit places that they are connected to - if they're not there, then opening a portal will only bring in the kind of spirits you don't want. And you may not have considered that not all spirits were once human - some are malevolent entities that have never had human form. Some can and will possess you if you do not have the mental preparedness to deal with them.

If you don't have spirits in your house, then you won't have any. Be careful what you wish for - not all spirits are good, and many are mischievous, some downright dangerous and deadly. They can and will harm you if they wish and have the ability to manifest enough to do so.

If you're interested in the Paranormal, check the 'net or the TAPS site for groups in your area that do active investigations and see if you can get involved. Real Paranormal Investigating isn't as glamorous as they make it out to be on TV. Is it worth it? For me and my group, yes it is, but it's time consuming, expensive, and you don't always get any activity or evidence. Remember that TV shows have the benefit of editing video footage - those investigations take hours or days, not just a few minutes.

Ghosts are great to hunt and visit - but trust me when I say you don't want to live with them, no matter how cool you might think it would be. Unless you don't care about your privacy...

Answer #3
You can choose to believe me or not, but I could swear on a grave that for 18 yrs of my life I had experiences with ghosts. I lived in a 300-yr old colonial farmhouse in PA. And yes it was haunted. And I'm not talking about creaks, or little noises in the night, because yes most of the time it was the wood contracting and expanding or just the wind. But m whole family has seen, spoken to, and heard ghosts. There were four ghosts in my house. A blond woman in a blue dress, a man in a dark suit, a small child, and a pet. These ghosts were very friendly, very protective, and the child was very playful and those who moved into the house after us say they enjoy their company.

HOWEVER, Raven is right, not all ghosts are nice but then again not every place is haunted and you cannot "make" ghosts appear or "hunt ghosts". Ghosts will only appear to you if they want to. Because of my experience, ouija boards are complete and utter nonsense. Just a stupid game. I mean, do you really think a board game can call ghosts? Ghosts are human souls and were once human like you and me. How would you like to ordered to appear and be at people's beck and call? You wouldn't like it would you? In fact, I can guaratee you'll appear ridiculous to any ghost if you try to use one and they'll probably laugh at you. But ghosts are different than poltergeists. Poltergeists are malicious and are often the ones to "throw things" or "slam doors".

Ghosts will only appear to you if a) they need you to do something for them or they need to speak to you or b) they like you and wish to see you. Also, "wishing" for ghosts is nonsense as well. As Raven said, ghosts are attached to the place they inhabit, and "wishing" one to appear isn't going to work. Ghosts are either there or they're not, period.