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You don't. Teachers have objectives to meet and part of that is homework that is given. One way or another you will get the assignment . Most write the homework on the white board. I had my students do a weekly agenda. No excuses for not knowing.

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Easy. Just ask. That's what I do. Say, you're doing Math homework, and you can't figure out a problem. Lets say.... for example, you are working on equations. Here is an example problem:

7x(2-6)+ 3=

So you try to work out the problem by yourself. The thought process?

*Ok, you know the order of operations, right? So think...







(by the way, the only reason I'm doing this is so you don't have to ask for help often, this is just an example)

Lets make an acronym out of the first letter of each word (in order, of course)







Time to do the problem:

7x(2-6)+ 3=

And you get:


So, a great way to get your parents involved and get them to help you is for them to check your homework. If you have problems, say with Math, have them walk you through how to work the problem. Eventually, though, you don't want your parents helping you too much. Otherwise, you won't learn as much as you should. Another good reason is, it'll take too long and you want to do other things besides homework after school don't you? So do your parents. They have other things to do besides helping you with homework.

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Respectfully. Follow the format the teacher gives you about where to put your name and stuff on each paper. Wait until the teacher asks for the work, or just place it on his or her desk if that's the way the teacher likes it done.

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You don't - cheating is lying and stealing and it's wrong. WikiAnswers doesn't help you to cheat

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Q: How do you get parents to help you on homework?
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Homework is supposed to be for the child to help them learn the material better.

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Too many - children are supposed to do their own homework to help them learn, but there are parents who want to help their kids get better grades so they will do the homework for them. In the long run, however, these parents are selling their children short by not allowing them to learn on their own.

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What if you are confused about homework?

If you are confused about homework than you need to ask for help from a teacher or from your parents to help you out and to explain it so you will understand it. Or you can always ask your question that you are confused about on a site like WikiAnswers!

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