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Super Paper Mario

How do you get past the lady who freezes your game if you talk to her in super paper Mario?


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January 21, 2008 12:23PM

go to the place she first said then set the spikes then go in 3d and there's a path to go up talk to her the first time you see her then do all the traps in the doors then please dont talk to her again but if you do your game will freeze and will start to make a noise turn off tv and wii by plug , but if you didnt talk to her go back into the trap with the spikes about to kill you ,go 3d and out of the crush spot climb on top of the spikes they will go up again then do what ever your supposed to do to get past open the treasure chest there is a key in it , get out of that room and go downstairs get past the monster with 3d open the door with the key save then go through the door and there you go your past the evil glitch