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Your like my family, we like to take our shoes off in our house. When visitors come over. Go in the door first and take your shoes off. If they don't get the hint, Just ask them politely to do so. If they are true friends I'm sure they wont mind.


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βˆ™ 2007-06-17 00:22:52
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What do Japanese people do as they enter a house?

take off there shoes

Does people in Japan take their shoes off when they enter in the house?

Most people do ;)

What do Japanese people do as soon as they enter a house?

Take off their shoes.

Why do Chinese people take shoes off before entering house?

Chinese people always take off there shoes when going into a room bceauce they are showing respect to the family.

Do Chinese people take off their shoes when they enter a house?

No, that's a Japanese custom.

Do people take off their shoes before entering a house in China?

Most of people in china , after go home, change into slipper.

What do Japanese people do when they come in the house?

Say "tadaima" (I'm home), take off shoes, wash hands.

Why do people take off there shoes before entering?

so that the people with there shoes off wont get the floor dirty or muddy.

Why people should take shoes off in a kitchen?

Shoes are normally worn outside the house. Thus, they are considered to be unhygenic containing germs. To avoid any infection, its advisable to not to wear shoes to kitchen.

When in rome does as the Romans?

When in Rome do as the Romans means that you should do the customs of the people. If the custom is to take your shoes off when you enter the house, you should do it.

What do you do when you step in dog poop?

take your shoes off before going in the house!!

What are some basic customs in Cuba?

take their shoes off when entering a house

What are some Chinese coustoms?

to take shoes off upon entering a house

Why do Japanese people take off their shoes when going in a house?

The streets were full of mud and filth for many centuries. Even today the streets contain dirt and germs. Taking off the shoes helps keep the house clean and prevent the spread of disease.

Why do people take off their shoes in Sikh temples?

People take their shoes off as a sign of respect in Sikh Temples (Gurudwaras.) They also take off their socks as socks are also like shoes, as they carry dirt. The last thing they do to show respect is cover their heads.

What is the most important Chinese custom?

Take off your shoes before you come into there house.

Why is it a custom in japan for all people to take off there shoes when entering a house or temple?

Its just common courtesy, like for example being polite while at a friends house.

Why do the Filipinos take their shoes off before entering a house?

They are accepting you as family so be happy

Why do you have to take your shoes off in a Asian home?

It is their culture, it is so they dont get the germs from outside in their house

When was Take Your Shoes Off created?

Take Your Shoes Off was created on 1999-04-27.

Do you have to take your shoes off when you enter their house?

yes!AnswerIf your not instructed to, and you dont want to no. It really depends on race/nationality. I have 2 friends that make you, asian and indian. Others we dont have to but you can. I hate taking my shoes off unless its my house -.-

What are the Similarities and differences between Canada and japan?

That when your about to enter a house in japan u have to take your shoes off.

Can you ask the Mormon missionaries to take off shoes?

Of course! If you invite the missionaries into your home, you may ask them to take off their shoes. Many people do not allow shoes in their homes, so this is something that missionaries are asked to do quite often.

What do you take off when you enter a Japanese house?

In a Japanese house you should always remove your shoes. The area in which you take off your shoes is called the genkan. In this area one slips off their shoes careful not to touch the floor of the genkan with their socks. Step up onto the raised floor in socks and put on the slippers if desired. It is impolite to enter barefoot so one should wear socks.

Why do some people take off shoes when worshiping?

There's precedent for it in the book of Exodus: when God speaks to Moses from the burning bush, Moses is instructed to take off his shoes for he is standing on holy ground.