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You have to contact the celebrity via their agent in order to obtain their permission. You will have to have some way to pay the celebrity - most writers agree to split the proceeds from the book's sales with the celebrity.


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Only if you have written permission of the celebrity.

Anyone can write a book and try to get it published, you don't have to have permission.

No you do not. Cities and towns are not copyright, and you are free to write about them.

It is okay to write a book on something that is copyrighted, but you cannot publish your work unless you get permission from the author.

You write to the publisher. The information is on the first page of the book, along with an address.

Book rights is the legal permission to write on a particular subject such as someones career or life.

You must obtain the written permission from the author.

You want to write a book about one person? You would need their permission if you want to publish it. If you don't plan to publish it you can write it.

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Yes, you can write a story or contribute on Wikipedia even if you are not a celebrity.

Read permission(4) Write permission(2) Execute permission(1)

Scandal, reality show, make movie, do commercials, write a book

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Anyone is free to write a work of fiction on the subject of baseball, or any other subject you like.

You do indeed need permission to write an adapted screenplay. This is to make sure you are following the copy rights.

You would need to contact them through the publisher. You can find that information within the original book, or by getting a copy of Writer's Market.

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You would need to get the author's permission to write a sequel to their story, if the author is still alive, as the story still belongs to the author.

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