Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you get poke radar in Pokemon Pearl?

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you get it from professer rowen

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What is the poke radar for in Pokemon Pearl?


How do you catch a bagon in Pokemon pearl?

Poke Radar

Can you get a Poke Radar in Pokemon Pearl?

yes, yes you can.

Where is the pokeradar in Pokemon Sapphire?

The Poke Radar is not available in Pokemon Sapphire. The Poke Radar is an item exclusive to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, X and Y.

How do you get a poke radar Pokemon pearl?

complete the sinnoh pokedex

How do you get a dusclops in Pokemon pearl if your poke radar is not working?

you cant

How do you get Ditto in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl, Ditto can be found in route 218 using the Poke Radar.

How can you get tauros in pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl you can find Tauros in Routes 209 and 210 using the Poke Radar. You can get the Poke Radar after seeing every Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex and getting the National Pokedex.

How do you get a castform on Pokemon pearl?

use the poke radar at the trophy garden

Where do you get a trapinch in Pokemon Pearl?

Route 228(Poke Radar, Rare)

How can you get to a duskull Pokemon Pearl?

route 224(use poke radar)

How do you catch a tyrogue in Pokemon pearl and where is he?

you can get him on route 211 with a poke radar

Get a magneton in Pokemon pearl?

go to fuego ironworks with poke radar

Where can you get a duskull in Pokemon pearl?

in route 224 "use poke radar"

How do you get a trampinch in Pokemon pearl?

Route 228 (use poke radar).

How do you get the Pokemon sukern on Pokemon Pearl?

use poke radar in grass near jubilife

How can you get a tokipi in Pokemon Pearl?

Trade with other people with it or Poke Radar (its a rare pokemon.)

How do you get a poke radar in Pokemon pearl?

After you finish your Pokedex, talk to Professor Rowan and Professor Oak and they will give you the National dex and the Poke radar.

How do you find shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

To get a shiny Pokemon try using the poke radar

How do you get larvitar Pokemon pearl version?

use poke radar at certain routes

Where to find a grimer in Pokemon pearl?

use the poke radar in route 212.

Where can you find a ditto in Pokemon Pearl?

use a poke 'radar in route '218'

Where can you find baltoy in Pokemon pearl?

Rt. 206(Poke Radar, rare)

Where do you get a venomat in Pokemon diamond and pearl?

Use Poke Radar on Route 229.

What Pokemon can you get with the poke radar?

If you use the Poke Radar you will have a chance of getting a shiny Pokemon. But the actual Pokemon will not USUALLY change by using the Poke Radar.