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If you use artificial insemination to get pregnant you can still be a virgin.

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If a virgin gets pregnant and the doctor removes the pregnancy successfully without breaking her hymen is she still a virgin?

Unless she was made pregnant by IVF, her hymen would have to have been broken to become pregnant in the first place. How can you still be a virgin if you are pregnant? Think it through.

Is a virgin who has IVF trenment and gets pregnant still a virgin?

The definition of a virgin is one who has never had sexual intercourse. Yes it is possible to become pregnant without sexual intercourse. so yes you can still be a virgin even after having a baby, depending on weather or not you have ever had sexual intercourse.

Can a virgin be pregnant while having a period?

If you are virgin chances are you have not had sex, and so cannot become pregnant.

Can a woman become pregnant and still remain a virgin?

this is unlikely. of course medical treatments to become pregnant occur but only by choice, if they are still a virgin there is less than a 1% chance they have been in brief contact with male sperm i.e., taking a bath using the same water as a male? very very unlikely. Yes. A woman can become pregnant through artificial insemination. In this way she would technically remain a virgin.

Why was it not necessary to isolate virgin females for F1 cross?

b/c they can still become pregnant if they find a mate.

Can virgin girls can get pregnant by playing with vagina?

A virgin female can not become pregnant by manipulating any vagina, hers or another person's.

Can virgins become pregnant?

If you are asking if someone who has *never* had sex can become pregnant without having sex, then no. Someone who was and still is a virgin can not be pregnant.If you are asking if someone who *was* a virgin can become pregnant the first time they have sex, then yes. Theoretically a woman can become pregnant the first time she has sex. AnswerAcutally, yes virgins (who have NEVER had sex) can get pregnant. Sperm just needs to get inside the vagina, which can happen without the need of penetration. You can jsut scoop it in, and you could get pregnant. Answer 3: At least one did--Mary.

Can a virgin be a pregnant only drinking sperm?

No u have to have sexual intercourse to become pregnant

Can you get pregnant if you still a virgin and get pregnant off of pre-ejaculate?

Yes, you can... Pre-cum still contains some sperm in it. Also, being a virgin makes no difference to the odds of becoming pregnant.

Can I be a virgin if I am pregnant?

Depends on how you became pregnant. It it was a result of sexual intercourse then no - you are not a virgin. If male sperm got inside you some other way then you could still be a virgin.

What is the chance of pregnancy in case the girl is virgin?

A virgin would need to have sexual intercourse to become pregnant (through natural methods). If she was ovulating, even during first sex, she can become pregnant.

What is the baby of vanessa hudgen?

vanessa is still a virgin (not pregnant)

Does samus aran ever become pregnant?

Lone Virgin Warrior, she is.

Can you lose your virginity when you are pregnant?

Yes, you can get pregnant while still being a virgin, and if you are a pregnant virgin and have sex then you would have lost your virginity.

How can you tell if you are a pregnant virgin?

You cannot be a pregnant virgin

Can a girl be pregnant if she is still a virgin?

Yes, a girl can become pregnant without losing her virginity. If a male comes near the enterence to the vagina the come can be pulled upwards by the lubricant fluid from a woman's vagina. Although the chances of becoming pregnant from this is highly unlikely there is still a possibility.

You have done 2 pregnancy tests and both said im not pregnant could you still be pregnant?

It's still possible to get pregnant if you are not a virgin or either have unprotected sex.

When the Virgin Mary visited Elizabeth was she pregnant with Christ?

Yes, Mary had recently become pregnant when she visited Elizabeth.

Can you get preganat if you are still a virgin but he cums on the outside of your vagina?

Hi. It is very unlikely to become pregnant in this situation. For pregnancy to occur, sperm must enter the vagina.

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