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How do you get radio air play?


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Create a band press release kit and mail promo CDs with you kit to DJs of stations that play your genre.


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You find the air plane radio or you make an instrument then you play the instrument or dance to the radio.

Fun Radio first aired on the 2nd of October, 1985. Fun Radio is a French network of radio stations that mostly play R&B, Dance, Electro and House music.

Radio play mean you dont act it out you just talk because its on a radio

There are many radio stations that play music from the 60s. Examples of radio stations that play music from the 60s includes Live365 Internet Radio and the 60s Radio at TuneIn.

All radio stations play new music. Alot of radio stations however do not play music that is not under a major label. There are many people trying to make submissions for public air time.They are still waiting to hear their voices.Everyday new music is being heard.

i want to know how much is radio air time with wazobia FM

Any AM radio you can buy in the US will play every AM radio station in the US, and any FM radio you can buy in the US will play every FM radio station in the US. You just have to be close enough to the station you want it to play.

Use Window's media player as this can play radio stations.

Radio Play - song - was created in 1969.

The VocoPro Bravo Pro does not play the radio.

Radio talk is just random conversation, commentary is a "play-by-play", so to speak

Air 1 sometimes does.You can find out more on their website at air1.comAir 1 is a national radio station.

Air America - radio network - was created in 2004.

Air America - radio network - ended in 2010.

They collect radio waves from the air and feed them to the radio.

all india radio for air

By radio waves sent from the radio station, collected and converted back to audio by a radio.

Radio drama is a form of audio storytelling broadcast on radio. With no visual .

There are a number of apps that play both AM and FM band stations. TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio for instance have AM radio choices.

I have the Xperia play as well but it lacks the fm radio which was the only thing that disappointed me :-(

I Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio was created in 1980.

The current (as of October 2009) radio announcers for the Arizona Diamondbacks are Matt Williams who is a Radio Analyzer, Greg Schulte who does the Play-by-Play, Tom Candiotti who is a Color Analyst for radio broadcasts and Jeff Munn who is a Host and also does the Play-by-Play. Oscar Soria does the Play-by-Play for the Spanish listeners and Miguel Quintana is the Color Analyst for the Spanish-language radio broadcast of the Arizona Diamondbacks games.

It sends out signals through the air to a radio tower.

in india it is broadcasted on the AIR fm radio channel

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