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Here are several other ways to:

  1. LEGO Gallery Module, Rank 2
  2. Factory Module, Rank 2
  3. Farm Pet Module, Rank 1
  4. Farm Pet Module, Rank 2
  5. As a prize in The Rocket Game, Concert I Arcade Game, Hop Arcade Module, Delivery Arcade Game
  6. If you are a Club member,LEGO Club Magazine Module, Rank 1
  7. If you are a beta tester,Pet Glitch Module, Rank 1

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How do you get red LEGO bricks in my LEGO network?

the Lego tree moudle

How you get the red bricks?

you get it from a Lego tree module befriend me malabar109

How do you get lots of red LEGO bricks on mln?

make lots of Lego tree modules!

How do you get more red bricks on my Lego network?

You can get a tree on your public page.That's all I really know but the tree grows 10 Lego bricks a day. Please add me as your friend my name is MQSPeanut.

How do you get a red brick in Lego network?

you will need the tree module each day you will get 10 red bricks

How do you get red bricks on my Lego network?

if you put out the tree module on the edit page you will gane some every day

How do you get all the red bricks on Lego Harry Potter?

If you buy the red brick detector, it will guide you to where all 20 of the red bricks are on Lego Harry Potter.

What is a cheat to get red bricks on your LEGO network?

You could talk to farmer brown and get a Lego tree it grows legos every day. Or you could get a magazine module rank 1. It gives up to 75 bricks per day.

Can you use red bricks in Lego battles on multiplayer?


Where are red bricks in Lego Batman?

you can find them or you can enter codes for them

Is there a place where I can get a red Lego space torso?

bricks and minifigs

Is there a cheat to Lego battles that unlocks all the red bricks?

The cheats unlock single red bricks, characters, and heroes. So, it takes 15 cheat codes to unlock all the red bricks.

Where are red bricks in batman Lego ds?

Red bricks can be found in various places throughout the levels. They can be used to unlock items or special abilities.

What is the order to put the Lego bricks in order?

yellow blue black and red

Do you need money in Lego batman to get more cheats?

no you need red bricks

Does Lego Star Wars the video game have red bricks?

in wii yes!

How do you get five red bricks on my Lego network?

Well, hopefully you have at least one Lego brick tree and put it on your page, don't get on for a few days, and you'll have some bricks. Then, somehow (I don't remember how) get the gallery module rank something, build it, maybe two, put it/them on your page don't get on for a few days maybe even a couple weeks and you will have at least 20 red Lego bricks sorry so sorry this is so long.... please be my friend I am brickheadgabe

On my LEGO network how do you get a giant?

You get it by winning the blueprint on the windmill module. Then build it by using 40 red Lego bricks and 30 blue Lego bricks.pend mato8830.

How do you get the secret people in Lego bat man?

you have to get all the kits and red bricks there are no codes for them

How do you get a trade module on mln?

You start out with the blueprint. You need 55 Red Lego Bricks to build it. Ajama11, from My Lego Network. (P.S. I am a beta tester for Lego Universe!)

In Lego Star Wars the complete saga where do you get red bricks?

If you mean the red brick detector its in Mos Espa Pod Race in between the steaming holes. If you mean Red Bricks themselves, in levels.

How do you get red bricks when i don't have any bricks on my Lego network?

All you have to do is create more Lego IDs for yourself. Then you type in your username on MLN (but first you have to make an MLN account for that Lego ID)and click on whatever module u want and there you go.It takes time to do it but it will get you lots more red Lego bricks or honey potts or whatever. I did it and became rank2 in no time flat.If you want to be my friend my name is awesomeking999.Trust me it will work.

How do you get the plastic inductor model to work in my Lego network?

First you buy it for 10 red bricks, then you build it for five red bricks. You need to have pictures uploaded to MLN for your pictures to be shown.

How do you get a red brick in my Lego network?

use your tree module.

Where are red power bricks in Lego batman ds?

Usually hidden in secret rooms and secret places