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Prevention is the first step. Make sure that all surfaces in your house are clean and that there is no place for larvae to grow. Bleach the kitchen surfaces, sink overflows and areas where pets eat and rest as well as bathroom areas. Vacuum every room every day and throw out the vacuum bag to remove larvae. Garbage should be taken outside daily and should be in a covered container. Outside, clean the porch area around the doors and windows. Remove any garbage or open pet food. Windows should have screens.

Fly tape may help as will leaving a trap to attract the flies. I place a banana peel out and wait. In an hour or so, the flies will have found the peel and I squirt them with a spray bottle with some dish soap in it. This makes their wings stick to their body and glues them in place. Flyswatters will help you eliminate those around the house, but they should become fewer as you put other steps in place.

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Q: How do you get rid of a fly infestation in your home if the cause is unknown?
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