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That fetish ...Usually, a fetish is harmless. Some people are turned on by leather, others by silk, some by PVC; some go wild over high boots ... Does it matter? Just relax and enjoy.

If it's messing up your life, though, talk to a mental health professional. (Remember, though -- you are the customer. Shop around. Most therapists will give you a "free" session to see if you can work with each other, and only charge for it if you decide to hire them.)

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What is paraphilia bestialism?

It is a sexual fetish for animals.

Why do men like lift and carry?

it sexual fetish

How do you get rid of gay fat fetish?

You must watch 24/7 fat gay fetish! Until you get bored! Try it out!

How do get rid of fetish?

you can't really but some can try therapy

Does London Bridge have sexual connotations?

Only if you have a fetish about bridges!

What is stigmatophilia?

A sexual fetish associated with body piercings and tattoos.

Why do you cumm in public?

Some people have a fetish for sexual activities in public.

What is fetish sex?

A "fetish" is a sexual response to something that is not usually considered sexual in and of itself, like red vinyl, cigarette smoke, boots, etc. Fetish sex is not "normal" sex. It is a sexual act geared around what most stimulates the participants whether it be bondage, PVC, being dipped in banana pudding or any number of things.

What does 'fetish' mean?

A fetish is a strong sexual attachment to an object or part of a person. People with fetishes rarely have sex without at least thinking about the object of the fetish. Sex between people who share a fetish (for shoes, for example) can be very satisfying. A sexual encounter when only one person has the fetish may seem somehow "incomplete" to the participants. It can be hard to distinguish between a fetish and sex that is merely uncommon. A man may be aroused by a woman who is not traditionally "sexy;" a woman may find elderly men sexy; men may be attracted to men and women to women, but none of these are fetishes.

What is a foot fetish?

A sexual attraction to usually women's feet. you have to lick and suck a girls foot

What are Misc Fetishes?

"Misc" is short for Miscellaneous. A fetish, in the sexual sense, is an erotic attachment to a nonsexual thing that produces an erotic reaction in a person with that particular fetish. For example, some people are erotically aroused by boots or lingerie. A fetish is distinguished from something that just "adds to the fun" in that the fetish object itself is enough to bring about orgasm. The human ability to create fetishes is probably related to nature's desire to create as many opportunities for sexual encounters as possible.

Why people like to lick male feet?

Licking Feet is an Fetish (aka paraphilia) which can happen to anyone. Generally, an Fetish can happen to any Gender (lesbian foot licker, gay foot licker, bi-sexual Foot licker etc.). To lick Male feet also is Bi-Sexual Foot fetish or Gay foot fetish. Well, there also women where lick mens feet, it´s also an symbol for respect and domination. Google Foot fetishism.

What is fetish?

A raw definition of a fetish is something that turns you on. For example, wearing leather or fishnets turns you on. A fetish could also mean that you have a very strong liking for something, such as feet or hair. It's kind of like saying, "I really, really, really, really love this... [insert name of object or thing here]."A fetish could also be classed as an obsession. And, there are numerous fetishes, such as having a sexual fetish or a choking fetish.A more accurate definition...1. Something, such as an object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.2. An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment.[For more information, visit the following addresses:] & Ro [2009]

Does man eat feces?

Sometimes. They would do so either out of mental illness, sexual fetish, curiosity, or starvation.

Why did the Chinese practice foot binding?

to gain a social status, marry into wealth, or for sexual reasons regarding a foot fetish

What are the sentences with word fetish?

Well, this site is full of them: "What is a fetish?" "I have a foot fetish." "My husband has a diaper fetish." and so on...

Why do you i watch vore videos?

With out knowing you its hard to answer the question but most likely you are a voraphile or some one who is actreacted to the sexual fetish of vorarephilia.

How can you get rid of sexual activities?

don't put yourself in the situation.

What is the opposite of Chaetophobia?

The opposite of chaetophobia (fear of hair, or long hair) could be "chaetophilia." There is also a separate sexual fetish, called "trichophilia."

Does sexual excitement over feet exist?

yes, its called a foot fetish...there are ALOT worse things out there, so yeah, its actually not that uncommon

What would the offspring of a dragon and a vampire be called?

That's a tough one, and kind of strains the imagination. How about a Draconian Dhampir. A weird sexual fetish.

Is there such a thing as a surfing fetish?

there can be a fetish for anything so it is possible

Is sucking women's feet normal?

Provided the woman and the person doing the sucking are consenting, feet sucking is just another sexual fetish some people indulge in.

How do you ask your mom to trample you barefoot?

That is entirely inappropriate. Since this is usually a sexual fetish -- leave your mother out of your sex life and find a suitable partner for those urges.

What are some fetish a girl might like?

any fetish a male might like

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