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How do you get rid of a swollen gland underneath the jaw bone in a 14 year old male?

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April 19, 2007 11:32PM

1. MAKE SURE THIS YOUNG MAN HAS BEEN EVALUATED BY A PHYSICIAN~! 2. Glands are lymph nodes. The lymphatic system operates throughout the body; it's primary purpose is to filter out poisons from infections from cuts, scrapes, ear infections, viral infections, etc. They neutralize these infections [poisons] by actually growing more cells to accomplish this task. Hense, they get bigger... When they are through with their task they then shrink, but never become as small as prior to the infection or precipitating cause. You'll note they are then small, hard lumps... 3. I expressed a need for a physician's evaluation because there are some diseases that affect the entire lymphatic system that are by no means innocent. Primarily, there are widespread swollen lymph nodes such as: in the groin, in the underarm areas, just above the elbow on the inside of the arm, etc. (Infectious Mononucleosis is often found in teenagers, and is one of the more innocent causes of widespread lymphatic swelling as well as swelling of the spleen). If this swollen lymph node under the jawbone is a solitary finding, then the culprit was most likely an ear infection, scalp infection, etc. Hope this helps...