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How do you get rid of a tan?

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an easy way ti get rid of a tan is to crush almonds and mix it with some honey then rub it over the tanned area and let it sit for 15-20 minutes then rinse! good luck :)

2012-08-02 23:46:48
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Q: How do you get rid of a tan?
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How do you get rid of a tan line?

tan the untanned section

How can you get rid of a farmers tan?

You can not just get rid of a farmers tan. The only way to help would be to go tanning to even out the farmers tan.

How do you get rid of tan?

You simply have to wait for the tan to fade. If you are wondering about getting rid of a bad tan, you can put sunscreen only on the tan parts of your skin so that when you go back out into the sun it will be evened out.

How do you get rid of fake tan?

Exfoliate allot!

How do you get rid of a tan mustache?

Shave it or dye it.

How do you get rid of a tan on Animal Crossing City Folk?

To get rid of a tan you can use an umbrella every time you go outside and keep from being in the sun for a long time. If you do this your tan would gradually go away.

How can you get rid of your tan lines?

Well my suggestion is to buy one of those tan sprays so you can spray it one your tan lines.

How long does it take to get rid of a tan?

5 months

Will lemon help you to get rid of tan on your face?

Yes it does help

How do you get rid of fake tan cream?

You can remove fake tan creams with baking soda, facial creams, or tooth paste.

How do you get rid of your tan?

You will have to wait until it fades, it will fade, but it will take time.

What is the use of a thongs?

It gets rid of tan lines and they are so comfy!

Why do you tan?

Some people tan to feel beautiful, to not look so extremely white compared to many people who aren't nearly as white. Others tan to get rid of acne

How do you get rid of freckles without losing your tan?

Freckles can make someone look pretty adoreable! Don't get rid of them, be proud.

What is tan 30 in a fraction form?

tan(30 deg) = 1/sqrt(3) or sqrt(3)/3. You cannot get rid of the surd.

How do you get rid of natural tan?

Try lemon juice. The acidity may help.

How do you get rid of tan line?

try rubbing lemon juice on it for a few weeks

Is zote good for pimples?

No the best way to get rid of pimples is to tan at a tanning salon

What is foundation used for?

To get rid of spots and make you look like you've got tan

How do you get rid of your tan in animal crossing wild world?

i think you have to stay indoors alot

How do you get rid of the dark tan on animal crossing wild world?

It will slowly fade, and if u turn it to winter time, ur tan will go away FaSt!!!

Can you get rid of a tan in city folk?

Yes just use your umbrella or don't play for a while.

Does hot water get rid of a tan?

yeah it does a just a little ... not all because its like if burned ..

How do get rid of spray tan?

eventhough it might hurt taking some rubbing alcohol and gently rub the area where the spray tan is.....I had that same problem and alcohol fixed the problem.

Do you lose your tan if you tan then take a shower after?

If it's a real tan from the sun or UV lamps, no it won't. atleast not immediatly, you see a tan does go away after time as new untanned skin cells replace the old dead tanned ones on top, the shower does wash those away but it takes months to truely get rid of a tan.