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The update from 98 to XP does not affect any software you already had in your computer. Thus it is normal that the icon is still there.

Go to Control Panel (Windows XP has a new, simplified interface in Control Panel, which is not so easy to use, click on Add/Remove Program. Scroll through the list and locate something that is related to Earthlink and remove them all.

I do not know if you need some kind of program to connect to the internet. But if you are not using Earthlink anymore, which possibly is the case, then simply remove anything that is Earthlink-related.

This should help:

If you use earthlink as your server you will have the logo. I have been using earthlink for 6 years and with all my computers it is there. Doesn't bother me though and shouldn't you unless you aren't using earthlink anymore and in that case delete all things earthlink from your PC.


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Windows is pushing updates for Windows 10. In general you do not want these unless you plan to upgrade your machine as these will not help your current system.

That depends on the type of "upgrade" you are referring to. Windows 98 can be upgraded to Windows 2000, Windows ME, or Windows XP by inserting the CD while Windows is running and running the setup program. Updates to Windows 98 can be downloaded via Windows Update, though no new updates have been or will be released since 2006.

run windows update and do a manual upgrade and under hardware upgrades there will be basic upgrades for each hardware device to add to your basic windows updates

Nope. The only updates that cost money are if a new operating system comes out and you want to upgrade up (just like going from Windows Vista to Windows 7). But all regular updates will automatically update with no cost.

ME is an upgrade of 98. XP is an upgrade of ME

No, windows me is an upgrade of windows. Use linux.

No in fact you should check for Windows Updates often. What happens is that when windows has problems, Microsoft keeps a record of all the problems and then makes a fix. Then they put the fix in the Windows Updates. Also if they have a new upgrade such as Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 7 it will be on a windows update. Definitely check and download all window updates,

No file is necessary from Matrox in order to upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows XP. If you have a video card made by Matrox, you may want to check their website for driver updates. This can be done after the install, and is not mandatory.

Windows XP Professional is an upgrade to Windows 2000 Professional. Windows Server 2003 is an upgrade to Windows 2000 Server.

Windows will tell you. If you have a non-genuine version of windows, you cannot download some important updates. A message will pop up every so often saying that you have to upgrade to a genuine version of Windows.

To upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows XP, you need a computer that meets the system requirements for Windows XP and a retail or upgrade CD of Windows XP.

Usually it doesn't happen, but sometimes updates can corrupt operating system and even file system.

I tried it once but it failed to copy some os files.You should try it ,it may work for you if not upgrade to windows 2000 first. After you upgrade to windows 2000 then you can probably upgrade to windows xp from 2000

No. Obviously, if you upgrade to Windows Vista, you will have Windows Vista.

first you need to buy the windows 7 upgrade, which is about 300 or so dollars. then, you open it. it has instructions on how to install from there. To find windows 7, search "Windows 7 upgrade" on Google.

Yes, you can certainly upgrade a Windows Vista or XP to a Windows 7 based on the capability of the computer and software. You would have to install a special Windows software for the upgrade.

no you can't get updates for zwinky

You do not have to delete itunes to upgrade. Simply click HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES

You don't upgrade YouTube. It will do system updates and change format etc., by itself.

if you haven't upgraded your xp to service pack 2 yet you need to go to and then it will search your computer for updates to windows and it will give to you a program called windows update which checks for future updates to windows and you can set in its prefs to automatically update or to notify you to. and windows installer is part of the sp2 upgrade. just follow instructions at Microsoft and give it permission when it asks you to install things.

Windows 2000 was the upgrade path of Windows NT 4, for both the Workstation and Server versions.

Yes, you can do an upgrade from ANY Windows Vista to ANY Windows 7.

Yes, when Windows 7 comes out, you'll be able to upgrade from Windows Vista

Windows XP is the answer.

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