How do you get rid of an Earthlink icon which has stayed in the top right corner of the screen through many updates and a 98 to XP Windows upgrade?

The update from 98 to XP does not affect any software you already had in your computer. Thus it is normal that the icon is still there.

Go to Control Panel (Windows XP has a new, simplified interface in Control Panel, which is not so easy to use, click on Add/Remove Program. Scroll through the list and locate something that is related to Earthlink and remove them all.

I do not know if you need some kind of program to connect to the internet. But if you are not using Earthlink anymore, which possibly is the case, then simply remove anything that is Earthlink-related.

This should help:

If you use earthlink as your server you will have the logo. I have been using earthlink for 6 years and with all my computers it is there. Doesn't bother me though and shouldn't you unless you aren't using earthlink anymore and in that case delete all things earthlink from your PC.