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We don't get rid of bee hives, we call a local bee club. They will come get them for free and maybe give you honey in trade. Bee hives have a great value beyond honey, its called pollination. A bee hive is not a swarm. A hive contains brood, honey, drones, workers and a queen, etc... A swarm is a group of bees and a queen looking for a new home. They are very easy to deal with and are a valuable asset to any beekeeper!

So what ever the case, CALL A LOCAL BEEKEEPER! Keep the bees and don't pollute the honey with chemicals.

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Ask a beekeeper to collect it.

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Q: How do you get rid of bee hive?
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Will moth balls get rid of a bee hive?

Yes moth balls are a proven way of deterring bees. Hang a few moth balls in a nylon stocking near the bee hive in order to get rid of them.

How do you get rid of a bee hive in a file cabinet?

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How can you get rid of bees around your shed if you don't want to hire someone?

i heard a thing about vinegar in a bowl that my help Answer for bee hive You need to locate the bee hive and destroy it at night when the bees will all be in the hive. I would call a professional if it is a large hive.

How many bee colonies in a bee hive?

There is only one bee colony in a bee hive.

How is a cell is like a bee hive?

how is a bee hive like a cell

How do you get rid of a bee hive under a deck?

The best way to get rid of bee hives under a deck or anywhere is to spray the whole hive and area with dish soap or laundry detergent. The soap will coat their wings and they will not be able to fly and it will clog their thorax which is how they breathe.

What is the population of the bee hive?

Bee's range into qite a large population, but in one bee hive they are know to have at least about 500-1,500 bee's in one hive.

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