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If it is superficial - that is to say if it is still within the enamel or just on the root surface, and it has not cavitated (no hole in it yet), then you sometimes can remineralize it through careful oral hygiene (brush gently 2-3 times/day - or floss if it is in-between teeth) and daily flouride. You would also need to cut back on acidic foods, drinks and soda.

If it is cavitated (has a hole in it), then you will need to have it fixed by a dentist.

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Q: How do you get rid of cavities without going to a dentist?
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Can you get rid of cavities without going to the dentist?

No. I do not think you can do that. You would have to go to the dentist. Not possible to get rid of them. Although you could try brushing the cavity for a couple hours.

Are there any ways to remove or treat a cavity without going to the dentist?

No, there is no way to get rid of a cavity other than going to a dentist. There are ways to help the pain temporarily if it's needed, but only a dentist can remove the cavity. ------------ And even when you get rid of the pain it doesn't mean that the problems with the cavity have stopped. The bacteria that causes cavities are not removed by the pills that ease the pain. If you don't treat your cavities you can easily end up with total prosthesis by you're 50. You can see this video for more info on cavities -

Does tooth soap get rid of cavities?

yes, does get rid of cavities but only if it is used correctly.

How do you get rid of cavities without going to the dentist?

Actually, yes, there is. Most dentists won't tell you this because they make about $100 on cavity repair, but using Baking Soda+Peroxide, Anticavity toothpaste actually reverses the effects of cavities. I noticed a cavity myself on my left front tooth and used this same technique to get rid of it. My cavity became shallower, and overtime disappeared, and enamel was instantly restored to damaged parts of my tooth whre my cavity would have gotten a lot worse. It is not painless, however. The first time I tried this technique, There was severe stinging in my cavity (caused by killing off bacteria and decay), and my gums started to bleed. Beleive me, though, It's a hell of a lot better than going to the dentist.

How do you get rid of cavaties?

The only way to get rid of a cavity is to get it filled at a dentist.

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How do you get rid of gingivitis?

How you get rid of it is to see a dentist and they will clean your teeth for you, and then you keep brushing your teeth 3times a day until your next time with the dentist.

Can you get rid of syphilis with out going to the doctors?

You can't get rid of syphilis without a prescription. Treatment is an injection of penicillin.

Does drinking milk help in getting rid of decalcification?

According to my dentist you can't get rid of it.

How do you get rid of cavities?

If you have a full blown cavity, you will need to have it filled by the dentist. Cavities are caused by the disease called Caries, which is a bacterial disease that EVERYONE has. There is a constant demineralization/remineralization of the tooth from the acid produced by the bacteria and remineralization from ions in your saliva. A diet high in sugar or fermentable carbohydrates (chips, pasta, etc) feeds the bacteria, producing more acid, demineralizing your teeth more, leading to cavities. To help prevent cavities from forming, eat sugar and carbohydrates infrequently, and try to drink water after eating them. Same thing applies for acidic food/beverages. Also, make sure to brush twice a day to get rid of the plaque on your teeth. This is where the bacteria hang out. Be sure to floss once a day, the most common places to find cavities is between teeth because it is the hardest area to clean. Fluoride in drinking water helps keep your teeth strong, as well as fluoride treatments at the dentist- they are NOT just for kids!

How do you get rid of your gap without braces and where can you get the supplies you need?

well i don't think it would be smart to experiment with your teeth,i have caps. and i am going to get braces.Its safe and you get professional help what else do you need. the only thing you should be doing to your teeth at the moment is brushing and flossing them even if you have caps you still have to floss that's what i learnt front my dentist. Take my advice and and go see a dentist.

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How do you get rid of pain from a broken tooth?

If you have an exposed nerve, only a dentist can help you with that.

How do you get rid of toothache?

Take some pain reliever (Ibuprofen/Tylenol) and go the dentist as soon as you can. You can try a numbing pain reliever until you get to the dentist.

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How one can remove cavities of tooth?

I'm no dentist but in these type of circumstances i would seriously consider a dentist to answer this one but the cavity can turn into gingivitis. My sister had a cavity on her tooth, of course she was only 9 so she would lose it. Your teeth or tooth may hurt but you did it to yourself. if you really need to get rid of it then seriously consider brushing you teeth more, less sugary food, and no more fats. I HOPE THIS HELPS :) P.S. I'm only 11 :) very smart

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I am trying to find a dentist to get rid of a cavity and they won't take my insurance what should i do?

Call the insurance company and ask for the name of a dentist in your area. Alternatively, check the website of the company for a current list of providers.