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Keep Using the CreamMy aunt has eczema. You need to keep on using the cream. ANSWERSince I was 5 my hands & feet have cracked from Eczema sometimes deep enough to bleed. Eventually the cracks on my feet got so deep and so calloused, no amount of cream would ever take them completely away. With that being said there are ways to relieve the pain from the cracks, add moisture, get some relief & a little bit of healing.

For my feet, we have always coated them with something like Bag Balm (an udder cream used on cow's tets) you can find it at most stores now a days or on the internet, the one I use is in a square, green, metal tin with a cow on the side). After you've got them good & coated you need to cover them with something that will create a sauna-type environment, thus Saran wrap is very handy.....wrap it round & round till all of it is covered & there are no spaces, cracks or gaps for air to get in or the bag-balom to get out, secure all of this in place with some masking tape, then put some socks over top, sleep in this contraption, cut it off with scissors in the morning. After several nights of this you will notice a big improvement. For your hands you can simply wear cotton gloves or socks over the bag balm or go out and buy some plastic (like food service) gloves, & wear those under the cotton gloves or socks. If I just have a small crack on like the tip of my finger or a toe, I put a glob of Bag Balm on a band-aid & cover the crack right before going to bed. Recently I have replaced the Bag Balm with a prescription from my doctor, when I have painful, bleeding cracks I apply this and usually in one or two nights it's completely healed! You can contact me if you would like the name of that prescription.

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Q: How do you get rid of cracks on your skin from eczema and do you just keep using the cream until they vanish?
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