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Keep Using the CreamMy aunt has eczema. You need to keep on using the cream. ANSWERSince I was 5 my hands & feet have cracked from Eczema sometimes deep enough to bleed. Eventually the cracks on my feet got so deep and so calloused, no amount of cream would ever take them completely away. With that being said there are ways to relieve the pain from the cracks, add moisture, get some relief & a little bit of healing.

For my feet, we have always coated them with something like Bag Balm (an udder cream used on cow's tets) you can find it at most stores now a days or on the internet, the one I use is in a square, green, metal tin with a cow on the side). After you've got them good & coated you need to cover them with something that will create a sauna-type environment, thus Saran wrap is very handy.....wrap it round & round till all of it is covered & there are no spaces, cracks or gaps for air to get in or the bag-balom to get out, secure all of this in place with some masking tape, then put some socks over top, sleep in this contraption, cut it off with scissors in the morning. After several nights of this you will notice a big improvement. For your hands you can simply wear cotton gloves or socks over the bag balm or go out and buy some plastic (like food service) gloves, & wear those under the cotton gloves or socks. If I just have a small crack on like the tip of my finger or a toe, I put a glob of Bag Balm on a band-aid & cover the crack right before going to bed. Recently I have replaced the Bag Balm with a prescription from my doctor, when I have painful, bleeding cracks I apply this and usually in one or two nights it's completely healed! You can contact me if you would like the name of that prescription.

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How do animals get out of their egg?

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What are the ingredients in whipped cream?

Heavy cream and sugar/sweetener. Whipped until firm.

What cures eczema?

There isn't really a cure for eczema at all, but don't get your hopes down! First of all, DO NOT use lotion/ointments. Eczema is an internal thing, meaning it comes from the inside. These will make your eczema worse. Even if it stops the itch, it dries out your eczema even more and makes it crack and peel. Second, eczema is mainly caused by an allergy or it is just genetic. I have eczema all over my legs, but my mother also had eczema so I got it genetically. If it is caused by an allergy then you are in luck. If you go to a nutritionist they can give you blood tests and tell you what your allergy is that is causing you to have eczema. Third, a slow but simple way to get rid of your eczema is to use a product called Bag Balm. This is used on cow snouts/udders to get rid of dry skin. This is really the only ointment that works. Apply it to your eczema right before you go to bed. This is what I use. But do not stop using until your eczema is fully gone. Otherwise, your eczema will begin to itch terribly all over again and it will return even worse. You can find Bag Balm at a feed store. I do not own the rights to this product. Also, coconut oil for eczema has proven to be very effective. Source: MOST OF ALL, try your best not itch or scratch your eczema. Even I am guilty of it, but just try.

How does ice wedging break ice?

Ice naturally makes cracks when it is frozen. Not large cracks, but cracks. Water seeps in through these cracks and freezes them. The crack expands due to the frozen water, or new ice. The cycle continues over and over again until the piece of ice finally breaks.

How do you whip cream?

Use the mixer/beater until the cream holds its shape. You will know it's done when the cream does not drip if you lift the mixer.

Is rubber watertight?

Until it cracks, freezes, and breaks, yes, pure rubber is water-tight.

Is cold ice cream a solid?

Yes ice cream is a solid until it melts. When it melts it is a liquid!!

Were does butter originate from?

Butter is made from cream. The cream is stirred until the fat in it separates. That fat is butter.

Is whip cream ice cream?

No, whipped cream is heavy cream and sugar that is whipped at high speed until the cream is stiff. If it were whipped further the cream would turn into butter. Ice cream is cream, milk, sugar and flavorings that are churned slowly for up to an hour and then frozen.

What is frothy cream?

frothy cream is cream that becomes frothy because it does not contain any air bubbles. this happens if you whish the cream until it becomes frothy so that there are no air bubbles

Can you refreeze ice cream?

certainly.If you do not refreeze ice cream after having some, your ice cream will melt. Once the ice cream melts it will begin to leak out of the carton until frozen again.

How do you make homemade strawberry ice cream?

Cream or milk, vanilla flavoring, stawberries. Put the mixture in a ice cream mixer and blend until frozen.

How to make cream?

Cream is obtained by letting whole, fresh milk stand until the cream or fat, rises to the top. The cream is skimmed off and reserved. The remaining fat-free liquid is skim milk. To make whipped cream: First, you buy a carton of "heavy" or "whipping cream," then you put it into a glass bowl and mix it until it's texture is light, fluffy, and creamy.

What does water do as it is freezing in a cup?

it expands until it no longer has space and it starts to create cracks in the plastic cup

How do you brake your hand?

Well to brake your hand you should bend it back until it cracks or cut your serculation

Do rocks crack if they are subject to many hard frosts?

yes, frost is thicker than water, so as the water fills in the microscopic cracks and freezes, the cracks grow and grow until eventually it splits, then those split, then those, and it goes on until the rock is microscopic peices

How long does unopened sour cream last?

until you eat it

Where could you find whipped cream?

In the grocery store, usually in the refrigerated section. ------------------- Whipped cream is ordinary double (heavy) cream that has been processed. The processing applied it to place the cream in a bowl and to beat it with a whisk until it stiffens. The stiffened cream is whipped cream.

How does water help break apart rocks?

Water expands when it freezes. In winter, water gets into minute cracks in the rocks and then as it freezes it expands and makes the cracks bigger. So more water gets in then freezes so the cracks get bigger still until the rocks break apart.

How long can you keep face cream?

You can keep your face cream until it separates. Some face cream has an expiration date on it and you shouldn't keep it much past that date.

Can you apply travocort cream on your cat?

Travocort Cream can be applied on your cat. However, you should make sure that your cat does not lick the area until the cream has been absorbed.

How do you make cream from scratch?

Cream is from milk. You would have to separate the cream from the milk. If you want whip cream you can buy the unwhipped cream in the dairy case or get a can. To get whipped cream you have to beat/whisk the pint of chilled cream, add 1/4 cup of sugar, vanilla, and beat until thick and stiff.

Atopic Eczema: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment?

Atopic eczema is a condition that occurs when a hypersensitivity allergic reaction develops in the skin. Swelling and redness are some of the symptoms that may accompany this condition. Atopic eczema most commonly affects infants who are between the ages of two and six months. Most people outgrow this condition by their early 20s.What causes atopic eczema?Health experts have not been able to identify the exact cause of atopic eczema. However, they have found that dry skin, colds, flu and contact with skin irritants can worsen this condition. Experts have also found that atopic eczema is more common in people who have asthma or allergies.How can atopic eczema be treated?A corticosteroid cream is usually the first line of treatment that is prescribed by a doctor. These creams work by alleviating the itching and inflammation. A doctor may also recommend an oral antihistamine. Antihistamines help treat allergies, which are one of the causes of atopic eczema.Because certain irritants in soaps and shampoos can trigger this condition, it is very important for people to be cautious about the products that they are using. Gentle shampoos and cleansers are great alternatives to traditional soap and shampoo.What happens if atopic eczema is left untreated?People who have untreated atopic eczema will be more prone to developing fungal, bacterial and viral infections on their skin. They may also suffer permanent scarring due to the constant scratching.What are some things that can be done to prevent atopic eczema?Currently, there is no surefire way to prevent atopic eczema. There has been evidence to suggest that children who are breastfed until they are four months old are less likely to develop this condition. If a child is not breastfed, doctors recommend using a partially hydrolyzed formula. This formula contains a cow protein that has been shown to reduce the risk of eczema.

Where does the butter come from?

Butter is made when cream is churned until it has reached a semi-solid state. If you take a cup of whipping cream and put it into a mixer and turn it on and watch it, it will go from cream to Whipped cream to butter.

How do people make ice cream?

milk/cream sugar flavoring fruit ( optional) pour into a ice cream freezer/ pack with ice and salt/turn on until it sets.