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How do you get rid of eye floaters?

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Hi there my name is Daniel and I'm not a Doctor just a plain old 11 year old kid who has tons of floaters as well as you may have. Now the bad news is that you can NOT get rid of floaters your self however one thing Please Do NOT have surgery these are your eyes were talking about not a games console etc. I woke up today and more floaters appeared and I got extremely upset and the best things are to do to decrease your floaters are quite simple:

1. Drink Plenty of Water not tap water mineral water only!

2. Do a lot of exercise about 80 minutes a day!

3. Don't go near junk foods or to much meat. Eat tons of vegetables this is a extremely important rule!

4. One of the most important step and the hardest... ignore them. There not worth it!

5. Drink a glass of red wine every 2 nights however know your limits and if you are young like me do not drink any alcohol!

6. If it gets any worse or you experience flashes of light please get medical attention straight away! And also visit

and do not ever get surgery because firstly it can cost $5,000 or much more. Secondly it is very risky because you could easily get blind from it.

7. Forget them and live a good life because ''the longer you had them the less you think about them and see them!''

Thank you and I hope this helped and remember your exercise and veggies! :D

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Does Vitamin A and Vitamin C help get rid of eye floaters?

No. There is no treatment.

Hw to get rid of floaters?

My Optometrist told me there is no way to get rid of floaters.

How do you get rid of floaters?

At present, there is no cure or treatment for floaters.

Can floaters be removed from your eye?

Yes. Surgeries do exist for getting rid of eye floaters only if they seriously hamper your vision. This is typically done by replacing the 'gel-like substance' - (which is known as a vitreous breaking off from the back portion of your eye and then floating about in your eye ball) in your eye with a saline liquid.

What are the main causes of floaters in the eyes?

Eye floaters are caused by eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. They can also be caused by injuries to the eye, such as a detached retina. Eye floaters may be a sign that there is bleeding within the eye.

How do you cure the floaters?

There is no cure so far for eye floaters.

Can Viagra cause eye floaters?

No, Viagra does not cause floaters.

Can astigmatism give you eye floaters?

No - astigmatism only has to do with the shape of your eye. Floaters are a natural part of aging due to the changes in the jelly-like vitreous in the back of your eye. If you see many floaters, or floaters with flashes of light, make an appointment to see an eye doctor.

Can Viagra cause eye floaters in one eye?

No. That would not be a typical reaction. Viagra is in no way connected to eye floaters. There can be serious side effects causing vision loss, but not floaters.

What causes eye floaters?

floaters form from solid vitreous fluid in the eye when you were a baby as you age it dissolves

Can the eye floaters tickle you?

Floaters can't be felt. Dr. Dan

Is it true that eye floaters are black in older people and white in young people?

No, I have eye floaters and I'm young, and they are black.

Are Eye Floaters bad to have at age 13?

You need to see an optometrist for an eye exam Another answer No, eye floaters are not bad, a lot of people have them, they usually won't remove them.

Can eye strain on computers and video games cause eye floaters?

Eye strain on computers and video games cause eye floaters (also known as watery eyes), vision blurring, and eye fatigue.

Can black floaters mean serious eye problems?

If by floaters you mean the things you see when your eyes are relaxed than are fine. If by floaters you mean spots in your eye it would depend on if there is alot of them or just a few. I think you should go to an eye doctor...

What eye problem has floaters and redness?


Can eye floaters come in color?


What are floaters in your eyes?

what parts of the eye can be transplanted

Can you still drive with eye floaters?

no dummy

Can you get rid of eye floaters related to blood vessels?

Yes, if it is a floater related to blood vessels it takes about 120 days approx. don't quote me.

What kind of eye exam is performed for flashers and floaters?

Flashers and floaters are pretty common eye problems, even if you have had floaters for years; if you see new ones you should go and have a general eye exam. There is no special exam for flashers either. You just have to talk with your eye care doctor for the best treatment.

Is it normal for a 9 year old to see lots of eye floaters?

Not usually unless it is in their genes. If their parents have eye floaters, it is most likely that this would happen.

How long will eye floaters last?

they never go away I heard that some floaters dissolve . Has it happened to anyone?

How do you remove floaters?

In ayurveda, there are successful treatment methods for eye floaters. Before starting treatment, a detailed checkup is necessary. It is to rule out any other diseases such as retinal edema, retinal tear, inflammations, etc. If so, it should be controlled first. After that, treatment for floaters is very easy.

How long do eye floaters last?

they last forever