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You can get rid of it by hitting it with a shoe or what is close to u


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Daddy long legs are completely harmless (they are one of the very few spiders that are not even poisonous!)

Daddy long legs are not spiders. They are called harvestmen and they have 10 legs. Grand daddy long legs are spiders and they are also called cellar spiders.

Insects and other spiders.

Daddy long leg spiders do not eat other spiders most of the time. They prefer smaller insects such as mosquitos and moths.

actually in your basement there is no daddy long leg spiders the spiders in your basement are called cellar spiders they don't eat other bugs they just make webs and will sit there undisturbed for many days so you should get rid of them unless you want spiders in your basement. Hope this helped

They are actually not spiders, but are still of the arachnid family.

yes but they cant bite you because their bites are to small

The best way to get rid of daddy long legs spiders in your home is to fog your house with insecticide to kill any that are living there. Spraying a solution of peppermint oil and dish detergent mixed in water around windows and doors can discourage more spiders from coming inside.

No, daddy long legs are insects and spiders are arachnids

Daddy-long-legs, or Harvestmen, belong to the order Opiliones and are not spiders.

Daddy long legs have been known to eat white tail spiders.

daddy long legs. but if they eat daddy long legs the daddy long legs are poisenes so the white tail spiders die.

I think a good idea would be to use a spider catcher that grabs the spider/cranefly when the daddy long leg isn't flying

are daddy longlegs spiders dangerous to humans??? please answer before 5:00p.m.

Michigan daddy long leg spiders are not poisonous. They are actually insects, not spiders or arachnids. They have six legs, not eight.

No, and they are not spiders they are crane flies.

no they do not because they are made to get rid of moths not spiders

Jumping Spiders. Daddy Long Legs. And House spiders.

All spiders except daddy long legs because they aren't spiders.

Nope, they belong to the order Arachnida (they are not spiders btw) which belong to Arthropoda which means they are invertebrate.

Yes, technically a daddy or grand daddy long legs spider is venomous and could be dangerous especially to a baby. The spider has very small fangs that can puncture the skin but very rarely bites a human.

daddy long legs are not spiders, and they are not harmful.

Noob spiders like daddy longlegs n st00f

there are ones called tarantulasjumping spidersdaddy long legfarting spidersdangerous

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