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How do you get rid of ground hogs?

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You may be surprised, but ground hogs are a typical problem! Here is the best way to get rid of them:

First you need:

a vat of cheese (preferablly nacho)

a squash shaped like a vegetable

a size 5 toddler tuxedo (for the groundhog)

fishing wire

a peacock



and two boiled eggs (preferablly raw)


1. take the eggs and sqash and throw them in the trash can

2. get the cheese. is it warm?

3. glue the tuxedo to the peacock

4.make the fishing wire into a lasso

LASSO THE GROUND HOG (carefully, they spook easy)

you caught yourself a ground hog! :D

2010-05-18 17:04:41
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yes. ground hogs are herbivores

Are ground hogs blind?

Ground hogs are blind at birth but not as an adult.

Can ground hogs climb trees?

yes ground hogs can climb trees but they are usually on under the ground

Where do ground hogs live?

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What do ground hogs eat?

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Why do ground hogs chew on on automobile wiring?

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