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hey they , i just looked on the web and saw that empty egg shells work

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Is there a poison to get rid of lizards?

How to get rid of poison lizards

How do you get rid of blue headed lizards from my roof tiles?

I have lizards in the tiles on my roof. Does anyone know how to get rid of them?

How can you get rid of lizards?

avoid it

What are the animals that live around the white house?

a snake, a dog, lizards, etc.

How can you get rid of thrips around the house?

Get rid of any infected house plants and make sure you have net curtains in place

I have cats and I understand that skink lizards are poisinous to cats. How do you get rid of skink lizards around my yard or under the house?

Use bug repellents, they drive away the bugs which will eventually decrease the population of lizards around your home. Also, bleach works fairly well because it burns the lizards skin. well you dont get rid of the skinks to start with they belong here ,, you keep your cat locked up like the law says so they dont eat our native animals,, cats are the biggest killer of natives and should be locked up at all times.....

What kills lizards around the house?

People do, cruel people and vicious unknowing cats

How can you get rid of lizards from around your door?

take a broom and sweep it away.or squirt water and soap at it and it will run away. emily

How do you get rid of mouse if they been in your house?

You can get rid of a mouse once they been in your house by calling a pest patrol or put mouse traps around some places in your house, but don't put it around where you could step on.

How do you get rid of termite?

spray bug spray around your house

How do you get rid of frogs and lizards?

Chicken or Bull Snakes

How do you get rid of albino lizards?

Throw a meat out theirto get it out

How do you get rid of bees when you cant find the nest?

You spray around your house and backyard, that should put a shield around your house tht should get rid of them. I know this because we hve the same problem at my house, only with ants.

Do house lizards bite?

Some lizards do bite if they are not cared for.

Is handling house lizards cause warts?

No, lizards do not cause warts.

How do you get rid of snakes around the outside of the house that sometimes sneak in?

A shovel

How can I get rid of bees flying around my house coming from local hives?

The only true way to stop this is to get rid of the hive. This can be dangerous though so it is safer to set up repellents around the house.

How do you get rid of curly tail lizards?

BB Gun, have fun with it.

How can prevent the house lizards in your house?

Dont let them in

How do you get rid of a wart with stuff you can find around the house?

I am not sure what you have around your house, but you may have petroleum jelly, which is often successful in getting rid of warts; smother the wart in petroleum jelly and leave it for a few days.

How do you get rid of mice in my home?

you can set mice traps around the house or if that dosnt work you can call an exterminator company to get rid of them :)

What is better lizards or dinosaurs?

Lizards are still around. The dinosaurs are extinct. Advantage lizards.

What are the Characteristic of a house lizards?

A house lizard is actually called a gecko. They are very light in color, are around 4 inches long, and have large eyes.

Want to get rid of a lot of grass lizards invading your backyard?

i need help. These lizards are multiplying and are taking over my yard. I can't let my dog out and that makes for messes in the house. Need simple do it yoursef remedy asap. New babies are hatching.

How to get rid of flyes in house?

A couple of ways to get rid of flies in the house include getting rid of their attractants and darkening the house.