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How do you get rid of mice but not kill them?



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Honestly, this is nearly impossible. Using live traps to capture mice and then release them back into the wild won't actually solve your problem. Once a mouse knows that there is food (and has marked its territory) it will continue to return unless killed in the wild by a natural predator or another mouse whose territory it's encroaching on... at that point you're still not really doing it any favours.

Mind you, this is what I've been told. I trust the people who have told me (farmers who've been in the business for generations) but they may be wrong. Once caught you may try marking them with something and seeing if they come back.

To catch the mice humanely, you may try a live trap found at hardware stores. Other less effective homemade traps are as simple as a bucket with a ramp leading up to it. In the bucket, just out of the mouse's reach is a small amount of peanut butter. The mouse will, hopefully, be so intent on getting it that it falls in. Make sure to but some rocks at the bottom. Not to hurt it but to keep the bucket from tipping over. I've caught a couple mice this way... don't actually remember what we did with them. I think we scared a girl :P

Hope this helped.