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They are swarming around because something is attracting them. They need a food source and a water source and you are providingg them with one or both of these needs. Check your gutters to see that they are clean and draining correctly as dirty non-draining gutters are frequently the cause of excessive wasp activity around a home because they provide both water and food. Wasps are meat eaters, so look at the plants in your yard for aphids. By finding and removing the attractive food and water sources around your house you will discourage the wasps from hanging around. The above poster gave you good information. I live in British Columbia, Canada, and I've had them in the attic (huge hive) and they were coming out of the house vents. They were so bad they would literally attack my husband and I going to and from the house. They will also make nests in trees close to the house (had a hive in my Wisteria tree) and also on the side of the house (huge hive.) If you BBQ or eat out on your patio or have any garbage around you have given them a good food source. You really do need to get an exterminator in and they know exactly where to find the nests. Don't fool around trying to resolve it yourself because if you bother them they have one nasty sting! Keep your children and pets indoors until they are exterminated.

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Q: How do you get rid of red wasps when you cannot find the nest and they are just swarming around?
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