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Silicone fluids containing amines can be used on scratches and rubbed with a muslin cloth will render the original look without white marks.Silicones wet the surface effectively and give transparency to the surface which will reflect the blue surface undernaeth.

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Q: How do you get rid of small scratches in the clear coat not through to the paint as they are white on the dark blue paint?
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What kind of paint should you use on a plastic model?

Go to any walmart or craft store and You'll Find acrylic paint. it works on almost everything if even used it on a few small scratches on my car.. Hope you get what your looking for.Steven

How do you get scratches off a cell phone screen?

You can go to a special shop and have the scratches filled in. If they are small scratches, you can use a special covering to make them less noticeable.

How do you remove scratches and paint from hub caps that were scraped against the curb?

Small scratches can sometimes be removed by an abrasive paint restorer, like T.Cut. Also a bit of wet and dry paper, used gently and of a fine grade. This cuts into the laquer and blends it into the rest of the wheel. Use with caution. Alloy refurb is sometimes the only option with deep scracthes.

What paint should be used on wooden train track pieces?

The best paint to use on small wooden pieces, such as train track pieces would be acrylic paint. To keep paint resistant from water, weathering, and sunlight apply a coat of clear sealant.

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How do you fix scratches from a beyblade?

what you do is you sand it down with 600 grit sand paper and then you get high quality aluminum polish and buff out the small scratches left by the sand paper ( the sanding removes the big scratches)

How do you descratch a CD?

It is impossible to completely remove scratches from a CD. Many commercial products to remove scratches exist, but they can often exacerbate the problem. You can "buff" out scratches by rubbing a small amount of fluoride toothpaste on it in a circular pattern.

What to put over a latex paint so it wont scratch?

The only way to prevent scratches and skuffs on a latex surface is to be carefull what you set on it or put against it. Consider using a lower gloss paint rather than a high gloss as marks on high gloss stand out more. If you want to prevent scratches on a horizontal surface, place glass or a sheet of plastic over it. However, you'll need small pads on the corners so that the air can circulate between the table and the glass. Otherwise, the paint may stick.

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