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I'm from Canada and don't know if you can get this, but it's called "Safer-Soap." It is yellow and comes in a big hard bar. I use a potato peeler to get small shavings, then put some into a spray bottle with tepid water (like you would test a bottle for a baby) and start spraying your plants. Many bug problems are due to the fact people will water during the day, but the best time to water (if possible) is later in the evening just before the sun goes down. I found by doing this I had less bug problems. If you can't find Safer-Soap, then go to your garden supply store and tell them your problem and they can recommend many environmentally safe products for this problem. ... nit picking Technically speaking what you are looking for IS a pesticide as it kills pests, which is exactly what the word means. It is also a chemical pesticide as everything in the world is chemical. Nor is it "natural" as it is processed in a factory... like I said, just some nit picking ... . ... More Check the base of the newly-growing plant, and the soil in the immediate area, for bugs. Make sure that the soil is moist, but not waterlogged. Watering is most effective in the early morning or in the late afternoon/evening, outside of the high evaporation times of 10 a.m.-3 or 5p.m. The adult squash bug is hard-bodied, which blocks some chemical controls from getting through. Insecticidal soap, which can control soft-bodied insects, may work with the soft-bodied young squash bugs. Remove and destroy, from plant part surfaces, the bronze egg masses, which may resemble teeny-tiny red M&Ms. Clear the area of plants and weeds as soon as the zucchini has been harvested, against overwintering squash bugs. I've also found that squash bugs hate mint and chives. You can try planting other things that are supposed to repel the bugs in with your squash. This includes garlic, onion, tansy, radishes, nasturtiums, marigolds, bee balm and mint. Planting your squash later in the season, once the majority of the squash bugs have already hatched and perished can help. Try putting boards down on the ground near squash plants over night. In the AM you can get rid of the bugs that have gathered under the boards. Dust around the plants with diatomaceous earth. Mulch heavily and then cover your plants with floating row cover. tightly secured. I spray plants with an organic repellant made like very hot salad dressing with salad oil (to help it stick to the plants), a little vinegar, lots of garlic, black pepper, hot pepper, some tomatoes, aromatic herbs, mint. Blend it up in water, strain, and spray on plants. Not fool proof, but it definitely seems to help.

2009-07-21 14:06:16
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How can you get rid of squash bugs on your zucchini without using a pesticide?

"You eat them" is just being rude.....Squash bugs can be eliminated by using Green light Neem solution (Found at gardening stores), or just mix 2 gallons of water, and 1/4 c. dish soap. (You can add some neem oil according to bottle directions, too). Spray the leaves, UNDER the leaves, too, and stems in the morning. The soap makes the bugs wet, then die. The Neem oil stops breeding, too, and most of the time feeding. Remember, to hand pick all of the eggs laid by the bugs, checking every other day or so. TRASH THEM, trying not to squish them. I am doing the same thing now with my garden! (Poor zucchini plants!)

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How can intensive farmers reduce pesticide residues?

by using modern pesticides because only a small concentration is needed to work and spraying the pesticide way before harvesting

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Lawn moths are related to aphids and typically fly at night. You can get rid of them by using pesticide with acephate in liquid and granule forms by following directions on the pesticide.

What is the difference between integrated pest management and using pesticides?

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What type of pesticide is for mealybugs?

Several pesticides in the carbamate and organophosphate families have been tested for efficacy on certain mealybugs such as the cotton mealybug. However, anyone who wishes to use a pesticide for any purpose should have exhausted all other options (using the principles of Integrated Pest Management) first.Be sure to read, understand, and follow the label instructions when using any pesticide. It is a violation of US federal law to use any pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

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