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How do you get rid of the computer virus winvirus?


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You should install a good anti-virus in your computer.


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a virus in a computer which is slowly breaking you computer and is hard to get rid of

Install anti-virus software and it will automatically get rid of the virus.

a computer virus is a hacking software that you download on your computer anti-virus is the software that gets rid of viruses

You should get rid of the virus and see if it destroyed the computer.

to get rid of a computer virus just delete System32 in your computer it is where they all hide just delete the whole file it always works for me

to get rid of a Trojan virus u must reboot your whole computer. You cant just get rid of it completely. So just restore it to its original settings:)

It is a virus that stops your computer at startup. They are very effective because you cant turn on your computer to get rid of it.

get a system that can help you get protection of a virus ruining your computer.

To get rid of a virus, first run a scan on the computer with some anti-virus software. The software will detect any viruses and then there is usually an option to repair and get rid of them.

No it cannot because a virus affects the process of a computer. if the computer is off there are no processes. but the computer will still have a virus.... use anti- virus programs to be rid of it.

Viruses can mess up your computer and is you scan for them you can get rid of them and know what is messing up your computer is you have a virus.

I have posted a link to a forum where you can get help. These computer experts will help you get rid of your virus for free, they do accept donations.

well most of them scan your whole computer and then after it finds the virus it will quarantine the virus ( to keep the virrus from jumping) and simply delete it

it can delete all of your files if you do not get rid of it

Yes a computer virus can be removed from a computer. At the very least it can be quarantined so it does not affect the system. Norton Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus can scan your system for a virus and get rid of it.

You can get a USB anti-virus program using another computer then you can plug it into your computer with the virus and then perform a scan and it should be completed by removing or to quarantine the virus and your computer should not have the virus anymore.

Get Norton anti virus or if that dont work reset your hard drive

yes- i have an internet virus on my home computer now how do you get rid of it

Make sure that you have anti-virus software on your computer. Get the anti-virus software to scan your hard disk. If a virus is found, the software will either remove it or quarantine it.

Unless you wrote the virus yourself, there are no advantages. Viruses are designed to benefit the people who wrote them, or to cause damage to your computer. If your computer has a virus, you should get rid of it as soon as possible.

To get rid of a computer virus, do a system restore to put computer back to original condition, use a computer scan to find malware or spyware or adware or malicious software. also do a clean install. Computer viruses can be removed manually.

How to Tell if a Computer has a Virus Viruses are here and unfortunately they will always be. Here are some things you can do to see if you have a virus on your computer and how to get rid of viruses. Please see the related link below.

You computer is working furiously to get rid of the virus, but it has not stopped working. give it a while to finish and it will be okay.

Yes, but you could also format (delete all the data) the old hard drive to get rid of a virus.

you will have to ask for the contents of your computer if they dont have it you will have to re load everything or serch the hard drives for it

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