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I have posted a link to a forum where you can get help. These computer experts will help you get rid of your virus for free, they do accept donations.


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In general terms Virus was given as the first name. The first name other then a Virus given (If I remember) was the Legendary Trojan.

A Trojan is a worm that is usually disguised as a desirable download that when executed drops other worms on your computer. Hence the name Trojan horse. A Trojan is not technically a virus because it cannot reproduce itself.

The name of the program that is offering a free Trojan virus remover is Trojan Virus. One can download a free trial from their website which is 'trojan-remover'.

I dont know i think its the Trojan virus or the Jerusalum virus.

the trojan virus is very comman it hides and releases it self when its in your computer and attacks it it gots it name after the trojan horse just imagine it like that but not in a funny way cause they are very annoying but you can get rid of them if you have secruity

A Trojan horse can loosely be described as a gift that backfires. It received its name from the "gift" that the Greeks left for the Trojans. It's also a computer virus.

the acronym name for computer virus

"Trojan Horse" does not refer to a specific computer virus, rather it refers to a particular characteristic of some computer malware. A Trojan Horse or Trojan is a bit of software that masquerades as legitimate software but contains hidden malware. It takes its name from the Greek tale from the Trojan War where the Greeks left a big wooden horse outside the gates of Troy with a bunch of Greek soldiers hidden inside. Just like the Greeks used their "Trojan Horse" to trick the Trojans into bringing them inside their defenses, Trojan malware tries to trick users into bringing the malware inside their computer defenses where it can then do its dirty work - such as (but not limited to) data theft, installing backdoors, turning the user's computer into a zombie in a botnet, trashing the computer. Since "Trojan Horse" only refers to a characteristic and not a specific virus, it is impossible to assign an actual date or perpetrator to it. It should also be understood that a Trojan is not really a virus. A virus replicates itself without user intervention, whereas a Trojan relies on tricking a user into downloading it. According to a survey conducted by BitDefender from January to June 2009, "Trojan-type malware is on the rise, accounting for 83-percent of the global malware detected in the world".

In the form of a computer virus with that name, mostly. In general a Trojan Horse is the description for something very harmful that is hidden inside something very innocent-looking.

Do you mean the actual name of a virus or the classification of it? Well, for the latter, a virus that conceals itself or appears to be a legitimate program is called a Trojan.

a trojan virus is made by the following steps 1.right click on your desktop go to new and then click on shortcut in the bar enter this as it is shutdown-s-t 'Trojan Virus' name it the file you wanted to give it to your victim do not open it and cut and paste it on a CD or pen drive 6.give it to your victim when he opens it his computer is shutdown forever

A Trojan Horse is not a specific virus; rather, it is a name for several more violent viruses. Most Trojan horses are detectable, depending on which Anti-Virus software you use, however new ones are created daily, and it's impossible for anyone to keep up.

The name it's given is called a Trojan virus taken from the Trojan war with worriors inside a giant wooden horse that was a given as a gift.

Bob Thomas is a Father of Computer Virus which is created by the year of 1971. The Name of first virus is creeper.

Get free download and install anti-virus software program like AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials for virus, trojan or any malware removal and stay protected from virus threats.

The file name dvdcepoyrb.exe it is considered as unsafe, it is a Trojan and or mail ware virus.

Two Types of Trojan HorseTrojan Horse in The IliadThe Trojan Horse is featured in Aeneid by the Latin writer Virgil. The Greek army, failing to take Troy, was almost at its breaking point. However, Odysseus devises a plan that includes this horse. The Greek army built a huge hollow wooden horse, filled it with a few dozen men, and left it at the Trojan gate. The Greeks then boarded their ships and traveled a short distance to hide their fleet. The horse was supposedly a gift to King Priam of troy from Agamemnon of Greece. The horse gets taken inside and during the night, the men jump out and open the Trojan gates for the whole of the Greek army to rush in and take the city. This is where the "Trojan" computer virus gets its name. Trojan Horse in ComputersA Trojan virus is a destructive program that masquerades as a benign application. Unlike viruses, Trojan horses do not replicate themselves but they can be just as destructive. One of the most insidious types of Trojan horse is a program that claims to rid your computer of viruses but instead introduces viruses onto your computer. Trojan horses are broken down in classification based on how they breach systems and the damage they cause. A Trojan Horse Virus is a common yet difficult to remove computer threat. This is a type of virus that attempts to make the user think that it is a beneficial application. A Trojan Horse virus works by hiding within a set of seemingly useful software programs. Once executed or installed in the system, this type of virus will start infecting other files in the computer.A Trojan Horse Virus is also usually capable of stealing important information from the user's computer. It will then send this information to Internet servers designated by the developer of the virus. The developer will then be able to gain a level of control over the computer through this Trojan virus. While these things take place, the user will notice that the infected computer has become very slow or unexpected windows pop up without any activity from the user. Later on, this will result to a computer crash.It can spread in a number of ways. The most common means of infection is through email attachments. The developer of the virus usually uses various spamming techniques in order to distribute the virus to unsuspecting users. These emails contain attachments. Once the user opens the attachment, the Trojan Horse Virus immediately infects the system and performs the tasks mentioned above. Another method used by malware developers to spread their Trojan Horse viruses is via chat software such as Skype. Another method used by this virus in order to infect other machines is through sending copies of itself to the people in the address book of a user whose computer has already been infected by the virus.A Trojan Horse virus The best way to prevent a Trojan Horse Virus from entering and infecting your computer is to never open email attachments or files that have been sent by unknown senders. However, not all files we can receive are guaranteed to be virus-free. With this, a good way of protecting your PC against malicious programs such as this harmful application is to install and update an anti-virus program.The seven main types of Trojan horses are:Remote Access TrojansData Sending TrojansDestructive TrojansProxy TrojansFTP TrojansSecurity Software Disabling TrojansDenial-of-Service Attack (DoS) TrojansA Trojan horse, or Trojan, is a type of malware that masquerades as a legitimate file or helpful program possibly with the purpose of granting a hacker unauthorized access to a computer. Trojans do not attempt to inject themselves into other files like a computer virus. Trojan horses may steal information, or harm their host computer systems. Trojans may use drive-by downloads or install via online games or internet-driven applications in order to reach target computers. The term is derived from the Trojan Horse story in Greek mythology because Trojan horses employ a form of "social engineering," presenting themselves as harmless, useful gifts, in order to persuade victims to install them on their computers.A virus that disguises itself as a useful program to sneak into the victims computer.In Greek mythology, the Trojan horse was a devious plot used by the Greeks to gain access to the city of Troy. A large wooden horse was built and several dozen Greek warriors hid inside the horse. The Trojans thought the Greeks were signalling peace and the horse was a gift, so they brought the wooden horse inside the city gates. Late at night the Greek warriors snuck out of the horse, opened the gates and laid waste to the city of Troy. In modern useage, a Trojan horse is a false gift - something given to another person with the intent of hurting them.In computer useage, a Trojan horse is a type of virus that gains access to your computer by appearing innocent then wrecking havoc once it's in.answer 2A 'Trojan Horse' virus is a common and difficult to remove threat to a computer. It is a virus that attempts to make the user think that it is actually beneficial. It hides within a seemingly useful software program, but once executed or installed into your system it will start infecting other files in your computer. It is also usually capable of stealing important information from your computer and could even able to gain a level of control over your computer through this virus.

One note of correction: a Trojan or Trojan horse is "malware" not a "virus". A virus spreads independently while a Trojan requires you to intentionally install the software containing the hidden malware (the fact that the malware is hidden in an apparently legitimate piece of software is where it gets its name by analogy to the Trojan Horse of Greek Mythology).If you realize you have a Trojan on your computer, you should go to the store and buy an anti virus kit or packet and install it. Nearly all good anti-virus programs will detect and clean up Trojans. A couple of caveats are in order however. Sometimes a Trojan will corrupt files such that they cannot be recovered. All the anti-virus can do is remove the Trojan and sometimesrepair affected files. When repair fails, your only recourse is to restore the corrupted files from a backup or reinstall the software that the corrupted files were part of in order to get back the uncorrupted files. A few Trojans can also contain boot-sector malware or rootkits. These are a good deal more difficult to detect and remove.

you have to have the laptops name if the person does have file sharing you can hack easily. It is also easy if you know the person. Create a Trojan virus then put it onto the laptop. The Trojan virus will make it so you can hack it easily.

The name would suggest that it is a virus!!

They call it a Trojan Virus because during the Trojan War in Greece, the Trojans created a wooden horse to trick their enemies, the Greeks. The horse is a gift from the Sea God, Poseidon. Seeing this, they marveled and took it inside their walls, then, in the dead of night, the Trojans, who were in the horse, attacked Greece, causing the fall of that city. The Trojan Virus does the same thing, it looks like something you might be interested in, but really, it's a virus. Hence the name "Trojan" because they invaded using a horse. It looked like one thing, but was another.

There are thousands of computer viruses. (See links below)

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