How do you get rid of unexplained happenings in the home my 13yr old son has been complaing sine he went to see paranormal activity?

Well, if your talking about loud noises that come out of the blue and freaky foot steps. Then hopefully I can answer this question. Now the only reason why your son is scared is that in his brain he has a vivid memory of the movie so he knows what happened and knows how it could happen in his home, once people are scared like that they might see things from the corner of their eye or in front of them in which they rarely see because if you live close to things with electricity it could send beams to the brain in which makes him see this when your son say's he saw something you'll now understand. Now to answer your question, I would say something like this There are strange things in this world that you'll one day understand, Paranormal activity is just a movie don't think about it because if you do you will get more scared. Now for the sound s just tell him that its wood adjusting constantly or things in your home getting tighter. Plus theres pipes and stuff that could make freaky sound which give you water. So hopefully I answered your question If I didn't I'm sorry.