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How do you get rid of vaginal lip swelling?


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First you need to see a doctor and find out what is causing the swelling.


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To get rid of a swollen lip, you may use a cold or hot compress to reduce the swelling. Aloe Vera can also be used because it has several anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling.

Stop using irritating products such as soaps,baby wipes etc.

you can take ibuprofen or suck on ice to help the swelling.

A bump on the vaginal lip could be anything from an infection to cancer. There is no way to tell without seeing a physician.

There are several home remedies to cure vaginal swelling. Taking 500 mg of oregano oil daily, eating more yogurt, consuming more garlic, and drinking cranberry juice will help with vaginal swelling.

Yes,it can i just took penicillin and i had vaginal swelling plus a yeast infection.It freaked me out but,it only lasted 2 days.

Vaginal swelling can be caused by many things. Sexual intercourse, a change in hormones due to the menstrual cycle, an allergic reaction, or infection are all causes of vaginal swelling. If the swelling and discomfort have not subsided in a few days or is followed by discharge or pain, one should seek treatment from their medical provider.

The swelling will be there due to the edema of the tissue,

i believe you should ge tto a doctor immediately.. you may have some thing going on that you need treatment for.

no if you have vaginal swelling then you have an STD and maybe AIDS your going to die in 3-6 months because of the swine flu epidemic sorry

Put a few cubes of ice in a plastic bag or anything waterproof. Hold this up to your lip until the swelling starts to gradually reduce. Hope it helped :).

A single painful lump on the vaginal lip of a person who has not had sexual intercourse is most likely a sebacious cyst from an oil gland or inflammed lymph node

Swelling with any lip piercing is normal and to be expected, it's nothing new or frightening, just maintain the piercing and the swelling will ease over time.

i have never had my lip pierced, but my friend did and it swelled up, so she put ice on it and the swelling went down. try it. i hope it works for you.

Get the tooth fixed and the swelling will settle by itself.

Summer's Eve is a brand that makes vaginal spray. It is a perfume that can be used to get rid of vaginal odor with fuyan pill.

This isn't about body piercings.

To get rid of redness above the lip, apply a cold rag. You can also visit the doctor if the redness is caused by a rash.

You can rid of vaginal hair by waxing, shaving or by having laser hair removal treatment. You can carry out hair removal at home or at a beauty salon.

No. The swelling should go away in a few hours depending on how bad it is.

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