How do you get rid of your time share?

Selling a timeshare requires understanding how the timeshare was actually sold to the consumer in the first place, an article explaining the tips for timeshare resale on ezine article reads

When trying to sell a timeshare in the resale market there's a few key points to consider. First of all the major resort developers are selling millions of dollars in timeshare properties every year, a lot of that has to do with the way they market their units. If Wyndham all of a sudden decides that they will sell timeshares only through their websites and other online marketing soon enough they wouldn't be considered the largest resort developers in the world. Developers like Wyndham spend millions in marketing revenue like giving away free vacation deals for anyone that attends a Timeshare presentation.
They will also start pricing the unit well over Fifteen thousand Dollars when they can easily sell the same unit for under Eight Thousand Dollars, Giving customers a price break makes them feel like they are getting a great deal while making it easier for the agent to make the sale happen.
Giving prospective customers a "Free Weekend Getaway" at the same location also helps greatly to sell a vacation property, usually when someone buys a new car they like to take it on a test drive and letting the prospects try out the unit, enjoy all the amenities the resort has to offer in reality has the same effect. The idea is to make the customer fall in love with the Resort.
Selecting the right company to get the job done can turn out to be the difference between selling your timeshare in 90 days or not selling your timeshare at all. Companies with ethical and logical marketing practices may be hard to find but are well worth the trouble.
A few key questions to ask before selecting a company to handle your resale are:
Do you charge Money upfront to sell my timeshare?
Do you offer In house presentation for prospective buyers?
How many units have you sold recently?
Do you offer free trips to the resort for prospective buyers?
Do you offer title and finance services for the buyer?
Do you offer any guarantee?

Sell or Rent out Your Timeshare with No upfront Marketing Fees.