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How do you get songs back on iTunes after they are deleted?


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If the song is permanently deleted from every source you have, you will just have to pay for it again.

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Yes your songs will be deleted but you can get them off the iPod using a program such as iDump or iPod2Computer Transfer Curtis White

You drag it on to your media player, then sync.

No. You have to delete the songs from ITunes. Sorry

You cant. I deleted my library and redownloaded it a while back and i had bought a lot of songs and when i re-downloaded itunes i didnt have those purchased items or any others. your sunk.

iTunes will not randomly delete one of your songs. You have probably accidentally deleted one of your songs without even knowing you deleted it.

To add songs from your hard drive to your iTunes library click the mouse down on the song's icon and drag the song into iTunes or onto the iTunes icon in the dock.

I deleted the listing from my iTunes Limewire folder. Deleted the file from the iTunes Library, and deleted the file from the Limewire download file. Restarted iTunes - all clear.

I presume your talking about an ipod? If you've deleted them from your ipod, you just need to connect it to itunes and put all your music back on. If you've somehow managed to delete them from itunes, you will need to go back to the itunes store and redownload ALL your songs (if you have trouble remembering all your songs, just go to your inbox and check your itunes receipts) if you downloaded from a p2p file sharing network (e.g limewire, frostwire) you can just go up to library>downloaded then drag all your songs from there into itunes then onto your ipod.

You need to go to your last back up in iTunes that has your songs on them

The songs can't be deletes with the iPod. They must be deleted using iTunes.

No, this simply retards your iTunes on that computer from Home Sharing, and other similar features.

No, once you buy songs from iTunes you bought em. They won't buy em back.

Do you mean you deleted them from your Itunes? If so than go to:# My Music>Itunes>Itunes playlist>(than you go to the Artist of the song and open it, open the album, than delete the song that you want to delete(you will have to do this 300 times though(if you had only 300 songs on Itunes to begin with and deleted every single one than right click in the folder: My Music>Itunes>Itunes playlist; and then click Select All and then Delete.) If you have an IPOD Touch or IPone than you might have been able to delete them straight from the phone, if so follow the same rules but delete those same songs from your ITunes playlist also.Anyways, Why would you want to delete 300 songs from ITunes? That is about $325 worth!

Yes, as long as you have ever used the iTunes to sync files to your iPod Touch, even if the device is lost or you accidentally deleted or wiped out the data, you still have chances to recover those precious deleted files. If you have made backups on iTunes or iCloud, you could use a third-party tool like PhoneRescue to get back your deleted songs on your iPod touch. For no backup, you can still use the tool to retrieve songs directly from device.

If you permanently deleted the music from the iTunes library, you will have to buy it again.

You will have to download it again from the app store.

If it is an ipod you can just sync it with itunes.

Uniinstall Itunes (start menu, control panel, add remove programs), then reinstall itunes. When installing Itunes it will ask if you would like to search (or import depending on the itunes version) music from your pc. select yes. This should solve your problem.

If you synced your iPad before you deleted it, you can restore the backup in iTunes.

You can't, you have to reload them on it.

They might have accidentally gotten deleted from just your iTunes library so check your documents and see if the actual file is there.

Well if you bought it from the itunes store on itunes than it should go to your downloads and after its done downloading it should go to your itunes automaticly. If you deleted it from your itunes you cant get it back unless you have the song in a document.

it deleted all mine and it won't sync at all anymore from itunes but I haven't tried buying from my ipod yet

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