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It depends on the type of paint. Some will just peel off, other types may require a little persuasion. You can probably use acetone or laquer thinner for most paints, but as with all strong chemicals, test it in an inconspicuous place. If necessary, take it to a drycleaners that specializes in leather.

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How do you get spray paint off black leather ballet shoes?

No I dont think spray paint comes off of leather.

How to get spray paint off a leather car seat?

I have found that WD40 works wonders for removing paint overspray

The same leather jacket is on sale at two different stores leather inc and leather 4-ever at leather inc the jacket costs 109.99 and is on sale for 10 percent off at leather 4-ever the jacket costs?

The jacket costs 109.99 10 percent off of 109.99 is 98.99 109.99 is 10 percent off of 122.21

How do you get spray paint of a lacrosse stick?

you basically scratch it off depending on what spray paint you use if you use a special spray paint to stick it may not come off!

How do you take spray paint off clothing?

To take spray paint off clothing you need STAIN STICK!!

Remove diesel stain from leather shoe?

how can i get diesel fuel off my leather jacket

How can you get remover spray paint off your automobile?

Explain "remover spray paint " - never heard of that !

How do you get spray paint off of cement?

Try Goof Off.

How do you get spray paint off of a garage door?

Use the thinner of that spray with a rag.

How do you get Rust-Oleum ultra cover spray paint off of leather?

Try Goof-off. I just used it to get some RustOleum enamal off my legs and arms from painting, and it worked pretty well.

How do you get gloss paint off leather?

olive oil

Can you paint steel with airless paint spray?

Yes you can. Use the appropriate paint or it will chip off.

How do you make leather paint?

Leather is usually dyed rather than painted. Most paints don't adhere all that well to leather, and since leather is flexible, paint tends to crack and peel off.If you really want to paint leather, you're better off buying a paint specifically designed for the purpose rather than trying to make one yourself.

How do you get spray paint off your hands?

Use turps.

Can you wash a leather welding jacket?

I wouldn't. Leather doesn't take well to washing. Better off taking it to a leather cleaner at the dry cleaner's

Could you put turps on your leather jacket to remove paint?

Definitely not recommended! If it is a hard leather with almost a waxy finish the turps will buckle the material and fade it, and soft leather will probably disintergrate. I've found (after leaving motorcycle leathers in the garage) that paint on leather is a killer. I found that by scratching off most of the paint with a new toothbrush and applying baby shampoo over night (just wipe of with wam water) will help lift most if not all paint off and if that fails apply a mild sugar soap (available from most hardware stores) will get the toughest of stains off but causes mild fading. Good luck!

How do you get spray paint off skin?

WD-40 works

How do you remove spray paint off a panel wall?

you dont

How do you remove spray paint from doors?

Goof Off is best.

How do you get ink off my leather sneakers?

Spray with perfume or aftershave then wipe with a cloth.

How do you clean spray glue off of car paint?

Rub it with a rag dipped in Goof Off. -It will NOT harm the car paint.

How do you paint a fiberglass boat?

You can spray paint a fiberglass boat with oil-based paint. This paint can be sealed off with a waterproof sealant.

How do you get spray paint off of a plastic toddler bed?

try paint thinner and an old cloth

How do you paint a refrigerator?

We bought a spray-can of Appliance Paint at WalMart, in the color we wanted, and spray painted it. You can tape off the parts you don't want sprayed.

Mold on paint?

put some bleach in a spray bottle and spray the area it will come right off.