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I wanna be a Repoman ! Dan Meeks - I want to be a Repoman. - 12/31/2003 I want to be a Repoman�. What do I do to get set up? Seems like every time you turn around someone is asking that question again�.. If the question is coming from a youngster, the best answer is to tell them to stay in school and learn to do something else. But who is the right type of person to do this job? What steps should they take to get started? No matter who asks me, my answer is always the same. Go out and get a job working for an agency with a good reputation. I would even go farther and suggest an entry level job as a lot tender or something. A person needs to be exposed to a few agents that have years of experience in this industry for an extended period of time before going out and jumping all over paperwork and keys. The best way to learn is to watch someone in action. It also helps to discuss the finer details and shortcuts, hear about mistakes and fallacies, but nothing beats being there. Now I�m not just talking about mapping out a route, learning how to maneuver a tow truck, or any of the physical and mental skill tasks that have to be learned through experience and practice. I�m talking foremost about interview techniques and handling people that become irate. I�m talking about knowing what you can and can not say�. where you should and should not go�. what you can and can not do. There are so many holes that a recovery agent can fall into if they don�t know right from wrong. Taking a training program is a great way to get started with this. But it will be a matter of time before it all comes together with practical application. If you sat down and book learned this job from front to back and inside out, by the time you got finished you would swear that there is no way to do the job without breaking the rules. Truth is�., that is not far from the truth. Then there is the misnomer that this job is packed with danger and excitement. I�m not going to try to tell anyone that they won�t come close to wetting their skivvies the first few times they are involved with a repo. Matter of fact, if you are foolish enough to get out there and start snagging cars without proper guidance and over sight you may very well be one charged up dude. But at that point in your career you a very dangerous person to be around. You are much better off sitting in a truck watching a pro in action. If you pay close attention, the first thing you�ll be amazed about is that he is not even fazed by any type of adrenal rush. That isn�t a hard and fast rule. Even an experienced agent will step out on the edge and try something they might be better off not to do and get nervous. In certain situations the job can get too interesting. But the dirty little secret is that the job can be really boring. For the most part, after you have a good grip on this job, you see that it is so obviously benign most of the time. There a certain level of comfort and awareness that a quality agent manages to get into. That will seem sad if all you are looking for is a chance to have fun stealing cars and get paid for it too. But it is very important for personal and public safety that an agent find an amenity to dangerous situations. Why? You can�t think straight and make good choices when your head is about to blow off from some hopped up excitement or fear. At the same time, you can�t get so comfortable in your routine that you never feel that nagging sensation in your gut that tells you to think again and maybe not do something risky. Sometime that gut instinct is all you have. There are not always obvious warning signs of danger. You�ll find that sometime there is a certain stink you can�t smell. Maybe there�s a silent problem that you can�t quite touch. But somehow you know it�s there. You can�t buy that kind of professionalism in Wal-Mart. That is something that sneaks up on you after you�ve been around long enough to have a pocketful of walking around sense. One of the most important skills a recovery agent learns is to read the potential pop. You have to know in your heart what the worst case scenario could be. You have to be able to visualize what it is gonna take for you to get your unit and get clear. You have to be prepared for potential confrontation by someone bigger than you or uglier than you or just plain out someone that is having a worse day than you.

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The question you DIDNT ask..WHERE will you get CLIENTS?? Do you have a truck???

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Q: How do you get started in repossession in Montana?
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