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why would you want to stoop to such a low level of life?

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Q: How do you get started on repossesing cars?
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How many cars started the 2011 Daytona 500?

43 cars started the race.

Can a repo person block you from moving a car?

Yes, if you're trying to interfere with them repossesing it.

How long has Japanese cars been around for?

Toyota first started producing cars in 1935. Honda started in 1948.

How many cars started in the 2012 Daytona 500?

In the 2012 Daytona 500, 43 cars started.

When did stock car racing start?

it started in 1948 after moonshiners needed faster cars to outrun the cops and then they started racing their cars

Can repo man drive the car away when repossesing?

Yes he can take it away any way he likes.

How many cars started the Daytona 500 in 1959?

59 cars started the first ever Daytona 500 in 1959.

How is the world different with cars invented?

in the olden days they had to crank up their cars to get their car started

Can the repo man speak to your employer about repossesing your car?

Debt collectors will use any means for information to collect their debt.

How did cars get popular?

People Started Getting Paid More Money As Time Went On and cars stayed about the sane price rising slightly and The working man started to get more pay the more cars people were eligible to buy

How did Cars change overtime?

Cars changed overtime by people who wanted bigger cars or faster cars. People started to make plans for better cars, tested them and see if they people liked it. Cars are still changing today.

Ashok Leyland was established as Ashok Motors in 1948 and started with the assembly of process of which cars?

Austin cars

What company makes saleen cars?

Steve Saleen makes his own cars. He started out as a tuner for Mustangs.

How many cars were in the first Indianapolis 500?

40 cars started to first Indianapolis 500 in 1911.

What cars in the past started with the letter k?


What is the song with the lyrics started eating cars and then they started eating guitars?

Rapture, by Blondie

What year did cars come with CD players?

CD players first started shipping in cars in 1985. They were not very common, but some cars had them as an extra option.

Who started the assembly line technique for cars?

Henry Ford

Who started the assembly line techniqiue for cars?

Henry Ford.

When did people first start using antifreeze in cars?

they started using antifreeze in cars in 1324 march.20 on tuesday

When did cars become common transportation in the US?

Cars started to become popular around 1908 and became common in the 1920s.

What year 134a coolant started?

134a first came on some new cars in 1992. By 1995 all cars had it

Can a repo man enter a yard that has a locked gate to get a vehicle?

No. However in most states it is a felony for someone to conceal a vehicle to prohibit a lender from repossesing it.

Do VW cars have air conditioning?

in the UK the top of the range vw cars come with air conditioning as standard, but they have started installing air conditiong as standard on all of there cars

What does a neutral switch do in cars?

it is attached to the transmission and allows the engine to be started when the gear lever is in 'park' or 'neutral', but prevents the engine from being started in 'reverse' or 'drive'. on some cars the driver must also put their foot on the brake pedal before the engine can be started.