How do you get the HM for Waterfall in Pokemon Gold?

to get the HM waterfall on Pokemon gold you go to ice path. thenyou pick up every single pokeball in there and 1 of them will be waterfall


There is an easyer way to get waterfall...Goldeen/Seaking! level it up until level used to learn Waterfall on red/blue too! (That's what gave the guys onver at gamefreak HQ to use the HM 6 Waterfall!!! trust me...this WILL work

(Any post by me that has my name on it, has been tested, and prooven to work! 100% garenteed!


Get through the 1st patch of ice w/ ice crystals, and you'll see a small section of ice. Go through that, and Waterfall is right there.

You get waterfall in that cave in between Blackthorn city and the Dragon Gym Town.
in the ice cave