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I have no idea really. but the roumers I've heard are all weired but anyway. apparently theres this questionair at all pokemarts. fill in "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL". Save & turn off. when you come to the screen that saysContinue.New game.Options.

There should be a new one that sez "MYSTERY GIFT" go into it & use the wireless adaptor with a friend who also has access.try all the links. 1 of them is apparently Wonder Gift

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Q: How do you get the Wonder Gift in all versions of Pokemon?
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Pokemon wonder gift?

first things first its not the wonder gift its the mystery gift and you get it differently in all the Pokemon games

How do you get the wonder gift in Pokemon?

Getting the Wonder Gift in Pokemongo to Pokemon mart on the counter is a piece of paper press a near it and take the survey put link together with all.

How do you get a Wonder Card on Pokemon Soul Silver and or Heart Gold?

You get wonder cards through mystery gift. The wonder card tells your game what kind of Pokemon or item to give you. It basically just contains all the information about that particular Pokemon or item. They can be deleted after use because they mostly just become a souvenir after you've received your gift.

How do you get the Wonder Gift in Pokemon if it does not show up?

first go to a pokemart and go to the paper on the counter. then put "link togerter with all'".

All Pokemon in Pokemon ranger?

all of the Pokemon from all the versions (that is Shadow of Almia)

What is the location of a Pokemon Center or the location of an actual Wonder Spot?

The Locations of a Pokemon Center is in a Town and actual Location of Wonder Spot is in Mystery Gift.This is how to get Mystery Gift go to any Pokemart and on the paper write "Link Together With All".

What are 'wonder spots' in Pokemon Emerald?

During a Nintendo event Nintendo gives out mystery gifts if you bring your Pokemon emerald to the event with a wireless adapter and Nintendo is giving out a gift emerald can receive you can go to a wonder spot and choose mystery gift on your emerald to receive the special gift. But all Nintendo events for emerald have long since passed.

What are the Pokemon you must catch in Pokemon Cosmic and Meteor Versions?

all of them

How do you get a Wonder Card or Wonder News in Pokemon Leaf Green?

I think you have to go to Nintendo event and get the wonder spot.And to get the wonder news you have to fill out a srript at Any martket but cledon's.Then you must put link together with all and turn off your gameboy and go to mystery gift>But you must have an wireless adaptor.

How you catch all the Pokemon on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot catch all Pokemon in Pokemon Leafgreen, you will need help from other versions.

If you have Mystery Gift for LeafGreen but can not get the Wonder Gift what is the problem?

simple.u have to link up with Nintendo to get the wonder gift optionAnsweru can get onto mystery gift by going into a mart and answer on the questionare LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL and go back to the start and select mystery gift i don't know what 2 do then???

How do you get a Wonder Card On Pokemon LeafGreen?

You get a wonder card when you get an event Pokemon. Sadly their are no events for leafgreen riht now because of all of the new Pokemon ds games.

What is the cheat for aurora ticket?

I'm not sure how to get a cheat for Aurora ticket, but here is a walk through of how you can get one:Go to a special Pokemon event. There will only be an Aurora ticket in the Mystery Gift if you have been to a Wonder Spot first. A Wonder Spot is a machine that Nintendo brings to special Pokemon events.1. Go to any Pokemart.2. Fill out the questionnaire on the counter with "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" as your response.3. The shopkeeper will give you access to the Mystery Gift system.4. Select the Wonder Gift from the Mystery Gift System.5. Talk to the dude in the green hat at the Pokemon Center.6. He'll give you an Aurora Ticket.

Which versions you have to play to get all 493 Pokemon?

Pokemon Diamond,Pokemon Pearl,pokemon platinum,pokemon heart gold and soulsilver.

Where do you get the word 'gift' for mystery gift in Pokemon emerald?

here it is link together with all

Can Pokemon white trade with other versions?

Yes, but not all.

How can you get all the starter Pokemon in PEarl?

Trade them from other versions

How do you get all starters in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No matter what game of Pokemon you play to get all the starters you have to trade with the other versions.

Where is the wonder town in Pokemon diamond?

it is all most every where

How do you get all 386 Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

You need to catch every Pokemon you see. And trade to and from other versions.

What are all of the gift Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Ho-oh, Lugia, Deoxys.

How do you get every single pokemon on Pokemon Emerald?

You cant legitimately get all 386 pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. You must trade from other versions or use a gameshark to cheat and get all pokemon.

Where you get a wonder card in Pokemon diamon?

you can not find it in Pokemon dimond .you can only get it on all the Pokemon game boy advanced games

When does magnemite evolve in Pokemon Crystal?

Magnemite evolves into Magneton at level 30 in all Pokemon versions.

Can you share a wonder card with a friend on mystery gift after the event finishes?

No, I dont think so. I dont think you can share wonder cards with a friend at all, let alone once the mystery gift is over. Sorry :-/