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wiggle? you may have to unscrew something but up.. Everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the local library should have a professional shop manual available to make copies of for FREE...make the time to take time to read up on your vehicle, and work like the PRO'S! Good luck :) Dave


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The anus is the opening through which feces is passed from the body.

It is the opening through which CO2(Carbon Dioxide) enters the leaf through STOMATA

the anus is the opening through which feces leave the body

worms eat through the soil then it removes its waste

The iris has an opening, called the pupil, through which light enters the eye.

The pupil is the opening in the center of the iris of the eye, through which light passes to the retina.

The kidneys removes waste during respiration.Waste products are CO2 and water.They are removed through lungs mainly

The air comes through the right opening instead of the left opening because hot air from the candle leaves via the left opening.

The opening through which menstrual flow flows is the vaginal opening. Menstrual flow leaves the uterus via the cervix and then passes through the vaginal canal.

A pore is a small opening on the skin through which oil passes. Water and nutrients also pass through the pores on the skin.

The handle unscrews which releases the tension on the blade. There is a pin through each end of the blade that slips into a notch in each end of the handle.

The respiratory system provides oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. The circulatory system then transports these gases through the blood.

Through the vaginal opening.

The opening in called a urethra, in both males and females.

A volcano is an opening in the earth's surface through which steam, ashes, and lava are forced out.

An opening through which air or water can flow is a mouth. This can refer to the mouth of a river or a person or animal's mouth.

Opening a hole us harder running through it means the work was already done

The name of the opening where waste exits through the human body is called the anal opening. The anus is another term for it, though the anus is more where the waste is stored directly before it exits the human body (which is why the opening is called the analopening).

It is in the dungeon. You can get it by going through the cave, which you need a key for. (you get it by going to the mill and opening the well and talking to the people) You need to pushon the wall and go through. The robot will explode. click on it and the owl will get it for you. Ask me if u have any questions :)

It removes and dispose of the waste through its renal glands down to the anus.

Blood replacement can be transferred through blood transfusion. :)

A smaller opening because it is harder for a wave to travel through smaller openings so after passing through it will diffract more.

Yes, by reaching the brain through the sinus opening. This is how Egyptian embalmers removed the brains of the deceased without opening the skull.

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