Chrysler New Yorker

How do you get the blend door actuator out of 1994 Chrysler new yorker?


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It's not hard to get to the Blend Door Actuator. It going to be hard to find a new replacement assembley in the after market world. The cost should be between $35 to $95.

The actuator is nothing more than a hobby sized motor geared down to open and close a small plastic door that directs hot or cold air into the cabin. When you set the temperature to the warmest setting the motor opens the blend door to the heater core allowing warm air to pass.

This actuator is underneath your dash about center. You will have to remove several black dress panels that cover the works. Then you will need a nut driver to remove the screws that hold the ducting that will be in the way in this area. Once you have those few things removed, look near the Fire Wall area. You will see a small black box held o with two screws and one electrical connector. Remove the screws and connector and wiggle the assembly off the end of the door shaft sticking down. Thats it!