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All guys are different. If you really good at getting a guy's attention, then that's great, but if you more of a shy person then ask someone who is for their advice and help. Ask your friends to talk to him for you to see what he thinks of you. See if you click and talk to him. See if he really is right for you. Make suttle changes to yourself. I don't mean change yourself you should still be you, but where a style of clothes he likes or put on some perfume before you go out. Don't be afraid to talk to him. Guys like it when you take the first step. You never know maybe he was too scared to say anything.


A few ways. You could look and listen to see what his interests are and use those to break the ice. Like his favorite sports team or place to eat or sport to do. You can also dress differently than you usually do. Not slutty looking just different. Brighter colors, skirts instead of pants, perfume, too. Dont make it too noticeable or he'll think your desperate. You could also have a party or get together for an activity and invite him personally. If he attends be attentive to him and get to know him. Tell him this"I wanna go out wit u, u got dat?"tada



Be yourself please! If he is really your soulmate he will like you for you!! <('.')>

If u want u can be ur self.But if if u want the guy ur crushin on to really notice u, you should flirt with him a bit and ask him out on a date.

one simple thing you can do is say hi once a day every day. it'll work hell begin to notice, and remember you more. But don't walk up to him and do it. do it when your passing in the halls or something. make and keep interest by being mysterious. trust me, it worked ON me

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2011-11-20 17:27:39
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Q: How do you get the boy you like to notice you?
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How do I get a mexican boy to notice me or like me?

The best way to get a Mexican boy to notice you is to talk to him more often. There is no way to make someone like you.

You like a boy and he doesn't know you exsit?

create a plan so he notice you

Does a boy like you if he jokes with you and pushes you?

yes because he wants you to notice him ! .x

How do you get a boy to notice you and how to talk to him?

To talk to a boy you have to act like you don't like him, ask him a couple questions about himself and then if he asks about you tell him a couple things about you!!

How do you find out if your best friend likes the same boy you like?

well, you can notice it by the way she moves when the boy you like is around. the best way you can do is OBSERVE.

If you really like a boy but you dont know if he likes you?

Try hanging out with the boy. If you notice that he is acting different and sort of adoring than he could like you.

How do you get a boy who doesnt know you to notice you?

Talk to him. Let him know everything you like. Be yourself. ;)

If a boy follows you in the school yard does he like you?

maybe but he he might not even notice he is doing it

What can you do to get a boy to notice you?

Flash him.

Should you ask a boy to a formal?

If you like somebody then u have to tell them or notice them about even if they dont like you so yes.

How does a shy 5th grade girl get a 5th grade boy to notice her?

smile at them . if he is at all interested he will notice and like it. Keep smiling and try to talk to him when he is alone.

If you want a boy singer to notice you how do you do it?

you look in his eye and telll him why you like him......;] can show interest in their music and hang out with them

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