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you can not get the cat away from the door on poptropica you have to jump over it

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"The thief is right out the door! I'll shrink myself to get the shrink ray and then get him later."

You can't you must find a different way to exit, because the door is SOO big and your SOO small you can't get outside using the door.

There are doors to open on almost every island on Poptropica. Specify an island name and you may find an answer.

UH...............................................go to the door

you press the door. hope it works :)

You use it to open some door in the far back of the island.

you have to go to counterfeit island

You have to do a code for the door to open

Go into the basement door and you will be in.

jump up on the shelf in CJ's computer room and knock the book, Tess's Tree, off. it will land in a ramp you can use to jump out the window. good luck! Your Poptropica Genius, Readinggal

you get out of the freezer by going out the vent door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

You have to drive up the ramp of books and through the window

climb the rope and then jump out of the tub and then walk to the door

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