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The ALT key on the mac keyboard is between control and command and is alternatively called 'option' - so use <option>+ <G> = ©. The key says both ALT and Option.

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you would have to get a real copyright on the photo not just the symbol

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Hold ALT while pressing 0169 from the keypad or you can use character map form the start menu

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Q: How do you get the copyright symbol using Photoshop?
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To create a copyright symbol using the AutoCorrect feature you must surround the letter c with which symbol?


Can you use a copyright symbol after your surname?

You would not be able to copyright your surname; if you are using it in commerce, you may be able to register it as a trademark.

Who trademarked the copyright symbol?

None. you wouldn't copyright the copyright symbol, you would trademark it.

If a person doesn't have a copyright symbol can i use it?

Using a person is questionable at any time. In addition, a copyright notice is not required for protection.

What symbol you must surround the letter c with to create a copyright symbol using the AutoCorrect feature?

&copy; created on a PC either by using the character map or 0-1-6-9In the United States, a copyright notice consists of three elements::1. the &copy; symbol (in some cases (c) is substituted), the word "Copyright" or abbreviation "Copr.";2. the first year of publication; and3. the owner of the copyright, either by name, abbreviation, or other designation.

Where did the copyright sign originate?

The copyright symbol consists of a C in a circle has become a widely recognised symbol. The copyright symbol was first used in section 18 of the 1909 American Copyright Act.

How do you get the copyright symbol when using Windows Vista?

You can find it in the Character Map... Click start &gt; All programs &gt; Accessories &gt; System tools &gt; Character map. You should find the copyright symbol just before the capital A. You can copy &amp; paste the symbol into your documents.

What does a copyright article look like?

The law has changed and the copyright symbol is no longer needed to insure the protection of the copyright owner. The symbol for copyright is: &copy;

What does the little c after copyright mean?

it means copyright it's the symbol for copyright

What is copyright symbol?

The copyright symbol looks like a lower case c with a circle around it. &copy;

How can you photoshop your photos?

By using photoshop of course

Why does a painting have a copyright symbol on it?

The artist is concerned with protecting his or her copyright.