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punch your face

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Is the only secret item in club penguin the crystal staff?

No there are other hidden secret items in Club Penguin in the Catalogs.

Who is rockhopper and Gary?

Rockhopper is staff on club penguin and arrives at club penguin every 2 months. His ship is called the Migrater. Gary is staff on club penguin and Gary goes on club penguin whenever. He is usally in the secret lab when hes online.

How do you save a game in club penguin computer?

you should try look for the club penguin help or ask the club penguin staff to help you solve it.

Can you get the crystals on Club Penguin?

There are no crystals on club penguin, unless you are talking about the expired crystal pin. You can't get it now.

Where is the backstage on Club Penguin after penguin play awards?

Club Penguin adds rooms for special events, such as the Penguin Play Awards. Club Penguin staff, after the party is over, takes away the room.

Wher is the backstage on Club Penguin after penguin play awards?

Club Penguin adds rooms for special events, such as the Penguin Play Awards. Club Penguin staff, after the party is over, takes away the room.

Why is your name on Club Penguin different to the one you chose?

You must wait until your name is approved by Club Penguin Staff.

Is Rockhopper real?

Yes but he is a club penguin staff member

Who is Rockhopper realy?

A club penguin staff member controlling him.

What is the Club penguin staff website? is not the official site for the staff. They dont have official sites.

When is there going to be something new on ClubPenguin?

no one knows look in the club penguin newspaper, or contact the Club Penguin staff if it's possible.

Latest Club Penguin Staff Website?

The Latest one is

How does the screen change on Club Penguin?

The screen can change on Club Penguin by clicking + and -. If you go to this website: it may give you better answers. It's owned by Crystal 61. I know her in person! She is a heck of famous penguin on Club Penguin!

How do you get the cristal staff on Club Penguin?

At the Start Of The Catolog Click On all The Windows And There Will be A hat staff And something else. :)

Who is the greatest famous penguin in Club Penguin?

I have to say: Crystal 61. EVERYONE KNOWS HER! She has a web site:

Any Club Penguin money makers that are recent and actually work?

No,because Club Penguin staff are always detecting them and they are gone by the next day. So that is the answer!

What happens when on club penguin you complete all spy missions?

Nothing in particular happens. The Club Penguin staff constantly continue to make more missions.

How do you change the white space on Penguin Storm to the Club Penguin window?

Penguin Storm is now broken and wont be fixed. The white space used ti be the club penguin login space. Club Penguin staff broke penguin storm and now it wont work ever again (from what the forums say). Sorry dude, penguin storm rocks.

What font are club penguin missions in?

on microscope office word the briefing is on some computers in crystal

Is there a Club Penguin heaven on Club Penguin?

NoNo, there isn't a Club Penguin Heaven.You can't die on Club Penguin.

Does anyone know any good Club Penguin money makers or coin cheats that don't require downloads and work well?

There have been many club penguin cheats in the past, but as soon as club penguin staff detect the cheat, it is corrected overnight, or in some cases, in a couple of hours. Therefore, there are no cheats for club penguin that will last more than at least a month. By the time anybody finds them, cp staff will have already detected the problem, and made it right.

How do you get the purple crystal in auqua grabber on club penguin?

i will tell you my acount my user is SAMUEL91809 and my password is choclate

Is it true that Rockhopper chooses random servers on Club Penguin?

No Rockhopper usually logs on to Crystal or Mammoth

What are the best account games?

Club penguin club penguin club penguin club penguin guffins guffins guffins

On club penguin mission 3 where is the paper clip?

Under the couch in the Staff room in the gift shop

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