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This depends on what car you are talking about. If you have an e36 M3 there is a bolt about halfway down the dipstick tube that needs to be loosened ( I believe it is a 10mm). Once this is loosened you have a good time to replace the o-ring on the bottom of the tube and you can reposition in the sump from the bottom of the vehicle. Now, while pulling down on the tube from the bottom of the car have a buddy tighten the bolt from the top or find a way to get your arm up to that bolt and tighten it. .

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Q: How do you get the dipstick guide tube back into the sump on a BMW m-series?
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What would cause the transmission dipstick on a Kia Sportage to pop out of the dipstick tube while driving?

Sump compression

How can you install a sump pump yourself?

Your sump pump should have come with an installation guide or CD. If not, contact the manufacturer. Every sump pump is installed differently so you want to make sure you know how to install the sump pump you purchased.

How do you perform an oil change on a car?

To change oil.Put a tray under sump. Remove sump plug bolt.Wait for oil to drain into tray. (5 min).Replace sump plug bolt - Not too tight! Not too loose!Fill oil into hole marked oil.Approximately 3 litres to start-depending on car.Check dipstick-dipstick.From Jeff in Oz.

What causes oil to come out of a dipstick hole?

pressure in the sump caused by engine breather pipe being restricted or blocked is one cause for oil coming up through the dipstick hole

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Where is the sump nut on a vw sharan?

The sump nut is on the sump or oil pan of your VW. if you jack up your car and climb underneath it from the front you'll see the sump nut on the lowest point of the engine pointing towards the back of the car and slightly down. Don't undo the sump nut/ plug with the engine warm/hot, the oil in the sump will also be hot and can scold you.

Where is the engine oil sump plug on a landrover discovery 3.9 98 model?

At the back of the sump, on the left hand side (looking forward)

What do you look for in a back up sump pump?

Power failures are the most likely cause of sump pump failure, but other reasons, such as a faulty switch, incorrect installation or even the unlikely event of a product failure, can trigger sump pump back-up. With routine maintenance on your sump pump, many failures can be avoided.If your sump pump backs up, West Michigan Septic Sewer & Drain Service, the knowledgeable, professional experts for your sump pump back-up repair, will promptly respond to your call.

How do you get a broken dipstick out of the tube on a Nissan Micra 1993?

can you see any of the stick? or is it down inside the tube? dave Drain oil, remove lower sump pan,drift out broken dipstick tube & replace with new tube.

Where is sump plug on 2001 vw golf?

at the back of the sump, but first you must remove the car under tray, approx 8 torx screws

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What do you do if you think you put too much oil in a Nissan Frontier?

If the oil is significantly above "max" on the dipstick then you need to drain some off via the sump drain.

Where is oil drain plug on a diesel escort 2000?

its at the back of the sump box

How do you check the oil level on your yzf 450 2004 There is no dip stick?

There is a dipstick. Look harder. It is a dry sump system and the oil is stored in an aluminum tank in front of the engine.

What is the difference between dry sump and wet sump?

A dry sump is not submerged under water as a wet sump is. a dry sump uses a resivoir to hold the oil much like the brake fluid. a wet sump has the oil sump bolted to the bottom of the engine block :D

In engines what is held in the 'sump'?


What is the function of sump in lubricating system?

The sump is a tank (reservoir) at the bottom of the engine which contains lubricating oil. When the engine is switched off, the warm lubricating oil at the top of the engine, seeps back into the sump by gravity, ready for future lubricating use when the engine is running again.

Where is the sump plug on a corsa c?

Bottom of the sump?

Where is the sump plug on Nissan terrano?

haha on the sump

Where is the oil drain bolt on a Peugeot 306 estate?

Under the engine, towards the back of the sump.

What does the check valve do in the sump pump?

It keeps the water that is pumped out from flowing back into the sump when the pump shuts off. Most sumps discharge several feet above the hole the pump sits in. If there was not a check valve the sump would just refill and pump out the water over and over.

Were is the sump plug on astra 1.7 diesel?

On 1998 year ,The sump plug is on the bottom of sump at the rear right.

How do you tell a steel sump from a aluminum sump?

Test it with a magnet.

Where is the sump plug on my c class Mercedes?

Bottom of the sump!

Where is the sump plug on a Ford Falcon?

on the passengers side of the sump