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When you open it up you will see a code then go to Club Penguin press unlock codes then press I have a code press the code then your done

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โˆ™ 2010-05-08 10:51:15
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Q: How do you get the elite penguin force bad ge pin on club penguin?
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Is there a money cheat on Club Penguin?

On Ds there are no cheats for Club Penguin, assuming your talking about Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force for the Nintendo DS. But on the computer you can go to penguin storm ten(untill 1st feb, after 1st feb it will be penguin storm 11. as i have heard) welll this is game is really bad becaus i have got it

Is Club Penguin safe or is there bad guys on there?

There are mostly good people on Club Penguin but some people are bad. If they are bad they get reported straight away and will be banned from Club Penguin.

What penguin on Club Penguin is a bad penguin?

There are many bad penguins in the virtual world of Club Penguin. There is no way you could name them all.....

Is club-penguin bad in Christianity?

Club Penguin has nothing to do with religion.

Are there a bad game of Club Penguin?

no but i think club penguin is boring

Is Club Penguin bad for young kids?

No its not bad

Is Club Penguin bad for you?

yes its bad for you and your brain

Why is Club Penguin bad?

simple its not

Where do you enter club penguin card jujitsu card codes?

bad club penguin has no codes for it yet

How do you get a ak47 on Club Penguin?

You can't get weapons in club penguin. You also can't say bad words.

Your club penguin account wont work how do you fix it?

You should go to club penguin support on the club penguin website. Either you are banned or you have a bad internet connection.

How do you get a wielding mask on your black puffle?

I guess you need to get the elite puffle game, and get this code. Too bad. :( At least that's what i read on club penguin wiki.

How do you visit Club Penguin jail?

there is no club penguin jail you just get banned if you do something bad and you cant log in

What happens if you say a bad word on club penguin?

If you say a bad word on club penguin you will get banned for 24 hours. If you say a bad word three times you will get banned forever.

How do you get igloo stuff with penguin storm on club penguin?

Don't use penguin storm. It is a bad program.

You got banned on club penguin for nothing?

Club Penguin never bans you for nothing. You either did something bad or tried to do something bad, whether or not yo knew it.

Who is Herbert on Club Penguin?

Herbert is a bad polar bear that was ship wrecked (kinda) on club penguin with his mate, klutzy the crab. Herbert and Klutzy have been wreaking havoc on club penguin!

Why is Club Penguin safe?

Club Penguin Is very safe because there are mod's and computers that filter and make sure there are no bad words. I hope you feel the same way that i do about how club penguin is safe.

Can you say twilight on Club Penguin?

of course, you can say anything in club penguin as long it's not inappropiate.But twilight isn't bad.

How did Club Penguin make the game Club Penguin?

They used to make a game called penguin chat 3 it is a bit like club penguin but there were snails in the coffee shop and bad graphics penguin chat 3 was made by rocketsnail and disney took rocketsnails ideas and used them in club penguin but added extra features.

Will you get banned if you say bad words on club penguin?

Yes you will get banned on club penguin if you use obscene language to say those to someone

Are there bad guys on Club Penguin?

yes herbert and klutsy

Why do people get banned on club penguin?

because they do bad stuff

Why are you banned from Club Penguin?

If you got banned , you did something bad.

What does report mean on Club Penguin?

it means that you send a report of a bad penguin to a moderator (someone who chooses if that penguin should be banned or not).