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If ur having problems with warming up ur car it could be a fan problem or thermostat problem. to get it to warm up a little faster you can try blocking off the radiator around 50% with like cardboard this seems to help alot with that problem.

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Q: How do you get the engine to heat up and stay warm?
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How long does it take an engine block heater to heat up the engine block?

First of all, the "block heater" is actually an oil or coolant warmer. It will heat the engine oil or engine coolant depending on location installed, and works similarly to an electric water heater. The rate and maximum temperature that the heating element reaches depends on manufacturer. Circulation of the fluid it heats also plays into how long it will take to warm the engine. In general, the larger the motor, the longer it will take to warm and the more power it will require to stay warm. A 7.3L engine will have a higher volume of coolant to heat where as a 5.9L engine.

Why does the engine take long to warm up?

Most likely a defective thermostat.However,remember that there is a lot of metal in the engine block that has to heat up too.

Should you warm up your car engine before turning the heat on inside the cabin?

The engine would heat up quicker without the heater on but ever so slightly, so it probably doesn't matter.

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Car heating systems usually rely on the excess heat generated by the engine to heat the passenger compartment. There's a thing that looks just like a small radiator that sits in a fan shroud underneath the dash. When the engine has gotten warm, the coolant liquid that circulates through the engine and this little radiator also gets warm. And by having a fan blow air through the radiator, you get warm air that can be directed out through the vents in the dash into the passenger compartment of the car. There's a lot of metal in the engine that needs to heat up before the coolant is warm enough to heat the radiator enough for it to heat the air that you can send out into the cab.

If a thermostat in a vehicle engine is stuck open the engine will?

the engine will never fully warm up, and will not produce heat to the cab area for very long during cold weather

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does the engine not heat up or does the car not blow out warm air when you turn on the heat?If the car is not blowing out warm air when you turn the heat on then you need to check your coolant levels. the heat will turn off if there is not enough coolant in the car.If the temperature gauge shows that your engine is not warming up you may need a new temperature gauge (thermometer)A2. Another source could be that the radiator thermostat is open all the time. This you may easily check by removing the thermostat from the radiator, and checking that it operates by putting it in some water which you bring to the boil.

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Why is it important for an engine to warm up rapidly?

It's not important to heat up rapidly, but it is important to heat up. If your engine doesn't heat up, a few things will happen: The oil that's used to keep everything lubricated (cylinders, pistons, head, valves, cams..) won't work as it should. Your heater would never blow hot air.

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Breeze no heat and overheating what causes this?

No heat coming from the heater and the car overheating is usually the thermostat stuck closed. The thermostat is supposed to open up at a certain temperature allowing the engine to warm up quickly.

What would cause your 2001 dodge truck to blow warm air on high heat?

in most cases your engine thermostat is stuck oped not allowing your engine to warm up fully. a new thermostat and gasket is usually under $10.00

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