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You have to ring the bell in the school!

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Where is the time capsule in big nate in poptropica?

in the playground where the girls are.

Where is the capsule in Poptropica?

The capsule is beneath the school girls on Big Nate Island Poptropica.

How do you get to big nate on Poptropica?

go in your poptropica balloon and click on big nate :)

Once the girls have moved where do you put the buiscits on poptropica big nate?

You put the biscuits in the middle of where the girls were.

How do you get the dog to its home in big nate on poptropica?

you don't get it home you have to move the girls first and then use the crackers right where the girls where .

What is the walkthorugh for big nate on Poptropica?

Go on Youtube, type in "Poptropica Big Nate Island Walkthrough", and you will find tons of results.

Where do you put the dog treat on big nate poptropica?

Once you let the girls get out, put the dog feed where the girls were, then you'll get something, once you got the pearl, the woman that put you at detention will give you the big nate medallion! :)

Where do you put the peanut crackers in poptropica?

under Nate's club and the ladder in the playground where girls are talking in big Nate

Poptropica what is big nate about?

big nate is about the casple and you have to find it along with those people who will help

Where is say cheese in poptropica big nate?

say cheese is right by Saltty's in big nate

Where is the klassi komxi at in poptropica in big nate?

it is the second store on big nate island. thanks bye

What number is Big Nate Island from the top?

Big Nate Island on the Poptropica map is the 9th from the top.

Do you get bigger in big nate island in poptropica?

no they just call him big nate cause he lookes big on the island picture.

Where is the light house on Poptropica big nate?

the light house on poptropica is on the island

How many big nate comics do you have to get in Big Nate?

there are 8 pieces on big nate poptropica this is wrote by milly aganar ;)'-' :-) ;/ ;D ;l ;-> :] ;0 peace

Where is the capsule on big nate on poptropica?

the capsule is under where the girls at the playground were standing use the crackers to make the dog dig in that place

Where do the girls stand on big nate island?

On Big Nate island the three girls stand on the playground to the right of the school .

Do you know who make Poptropica?


How do you open locker on big nate island in poptropica?

Well if you really need to know get all the cutten papers put them togeter then you will find out.It is in Poptropica Big Nate.

Where is the map for time capsule on poptropica big nate?

You have to beat Big Nate on the ski boats and get the map that is under the rocks. :)

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