How do you get the glue from your braces off?

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Do you mean after you've had your braces off? When you get your braces taken off the dentist removes most off the glue. Sometimes there is still some left. You can either ask the dentist to remove the extra glue again, which he would probably be "too busy" to do. Or like me just take a pointy metal object and scrape it off. I think I used a pointy knife. Just be sure you scratch lightly and slowly and eventually it will come off.
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Are there marks on your teeth after you get your braces off?

Answer . \nAs long as you brush your teeth while you have your braces, there will be no marks. I had no marks on my teeth when my braces were removed. Another student in my school, however, never brushed her teeth and when her braces were removed she actually had brown bands on her teeth.\n. \ ( Full Answer )

How do you get your braces off?

Answer . \nYour orthodontist (the doctor for braces) will do it when the time is right to remove them. \nDont take them off early - they might be horrible now but you will thank your parents in a few years when your not one of those people with bad teeth.

How do you get braces off?

There are many ways you can get your braces off :: eating a apple, or even chewing gum , but its not safe for your teeth! Its just better to wait til your doctor takes it off.

How are braces taken off?

well i have to get an expander for my teeth and it will be taken off in a few months.i asked my mom if it would hurt she said they put some sort of cemical on it and it loosens up the glue and you can pop it right out so i bet that's the same as braces it only hurts when you put them on i guess

How do they take off braces?

There are several ways the orthodontist may take the braces off: 1. If you have molar bands, they will first loosen these by using a small piece of equipment kind of like some pliers. They will then hold the band and wobble it up and down to loosen the glue. Next they will either take these off but ( Full Answer )

How are brace taken off?

they kinda just pull i just had mine took off. it doesn't really hurt. Can just feel a little pull. You know when you have a tooth pulled out like the pulling out bit. But no bleeding.. Hope it goes well...

How do you get braces off of your pubic hair?

Me and my boyfriend both have braces on our teeth so I shave my privates. Alex prefers to just keep his pubes trimmed short. Its not so much the hassle of getting the pubes out of the braces( orthodontist has picked pubes out of my braces lol). Pubic hair gets wrapped up in the wires and bra ( Full Answer )

Does getting your braces off hurt?

There is a little discomfort mostly. Pressure and a little discomfort. The worst part is getting the bands removed and all you feel is pressure and maybe taste a little blood if you have food/plaque in-between your band and your tooth or gum. Warning: Your teeth will feel pretty slimy and fragile. W ( Full Answer )

Does the glue in braces taste bad?

You should keep your tongue back as far as you can, as that will delay the taste. But, you'll eventually taste it and theres nothing you can do about it as the glue particles are stuck to your teeth! 3m makes it and they say on the bottle it tastes like cherries, it doesn't!! My a lot, ( Full Answer )

When did Danielle get her braces off?

she got it off long time ago!!u dont even know!!. she is dumb...she left schooll and got them off.... WHO WHOLD DO THAT!!??!??!??!. and that following weekk she got her retainers.!. which she almost dropped.buh i caught !!///i knoe im a HERO!!. plz stop applauding!!. .......................... ( Full Answer )

Does it hurt when you get your braces off?

"I had braces and now my teeth are beautiful. I got mine taken off and they did hurt a bit. Not as much as i thought it to be. Normally sometimes you get the bit of pain but hope fully your orthadontist is gentle - like all of them - and it wont hurt. But its worth it and soon it will be over and do ( Full Answer )

Will getting your braces off hurt?

ANSWER: Yes and no. To get the actual braces off doesn't hurt at all but taking the glue off does. It's a really cold feeling and it doesn't hurt your teeth but it hurts your gums. Then you get molds for retainers and they don't hurt one bit. Maybe just a little uncomfortable. Some people say that ( Full Answer )

Can the brace glue stick to your cheek?

\n. \nIt can but the assistants are there to make sure that it doesn't. Don't worry nothing will happen and your cheeck wont be stuck to your braces!\nNo it cant because when they apply the braces they cement the glue with a blue light that causes it to dry!

How long does it take to get braces off?

it really depends on how crooked your teeth are, if they are pretty good, you may only have them for a short while. It is usually two years though.

How do orthodontists take brace off?

They take the wire out that connects the brackets (square metal parts that are on each individual tooth). Then they pull the brackets off of each tooth, and scrape the glue off of the tooth that held the bracket on. They also pull the metal bands that wrap around your back teeth, and scrape the glue ( Full Answer )

Does it hurt more when you get your braces on or when you get your braces off?

it hurts so bad i cried for 2 hours non stop. run run. --Well, I have braces on right now. I remember that it didn't hurt when my orthodontist was putting my braces on. I'm about to get them off now in a month (I can't wait!), because I had them on since I was a freshman in high school (I'm a junio ( Full Answer )

What kind of glue is being used in putting braces?

I can see why you would think that, but in fact glue is not used. Dentists use a type of bonding cement to fix the brackets onto the rollers. If it's coming loose, don't try and fix it yourself, just call up your dentist and he'll reattach it for you!

Does it hurt to get your braces off?

When I got my braces off it didn't hurt at all. I felt some slight pressure on my teeth, but that was all. I suppose that if your teeth are already sensitive to pain at the time or a bit sore it could increase the pain slightly, but that's it.

How do you get dentistry braces off?

Well when i went i had to get a permanent retainer first. Then they clipped each individual bracket off. And then they yank really hard. This caused my gums to bleed. A lot! Then they let you rinse. After that they scrape off any glue that is left on. Then they will sand the rest of the glue off wit ( Full Answer )

How do you take your braces off yourself?

if they are fixed braces you cant take them off yourself you must go to your dentist/orthodontist and ask him/her to take them off for you (hope this helps)

When do you get your braces off?

\nWhen you get your braces off is dependent on how much work you need to be done on your teeth, what kind of braces you have and how well you take care of them.

Does it hurt getting your braces off?

Sometimes it depends but when i got my braces taking off it barely hurt! At some points it might hurt but not bad. If you are getting your braces off soon just relax and if the ord. does something that hurts tell them. Say "ow" or "that hurts" (if you can). Hope this helped!

When will you get your braces off and How do you know?

The only way to know when you get your braces off is when your ortodontist tells you. . And that all depends on how long your treatment is gunna take dependeing on how bad of shape your teeth were in before getting braces

Do braces hurt when they glue them on?

Braces do not hurt at all when they are glued onto your teeth. And don't listen to anyone who says they do. Sure it feels a bit weird but there is no pain! :)

Do braces hurt when comes off?

The act of removing braces can hurt sometimes if the orthodontist has to exert considerable force to detach them. However, one's teeth do not hurt once the braces are removed. There is a strange sensation, but mostly that it is the noticeable absence of the constant level of pain/discomfort that was ( Full Answer )

How do you get glue off?

That depends entirely on the type of glue and what it is on. Please give more information if you expect a sensible answer to this complex question.

When did christian beadles get his braces off?

He got them off when he was 14 bc he made a growing up video for turning 14 and still had braces, then he had pictures a few months later and he didnt have braces.

Does getting braces on and off hurt?

It hurts right when you get them on for like a day and a half then it goes away. when you get them tightened it starts to hurts, but hurts more on the 2nd day then the 1st. when you get them off it doesn't really hurt

What happens after braces come off?

You get xrays and take pictures. then pick out your retainer. Then in 1-2 weeks you have to wear a retainer if needed.

When can you get your braces off?

That is up to your orthodondist. It also depends how long your treatment plan is and how much work your teeth needed.

How do orthondists take braces off?

Well when i went i had to get a permanent retainer first. Then they clipped each individual bracket off. And then they yank really hard. This caused my gums to bleed. A lot! Then they let you rinse. After that they scrape off any glue that is left on. Then they will sand the rest of the glue off wit ( Full Answer )

When can take off braces?

I dont think you can take your braces off yourself i think you need to go to a orthadontist

What if you don't want your braces off?

If braces aren't removed then they may apply undue pressure to the rear teeth this isn't particularly serious but teeth may not expand properly when exposed to heat. Because of this drinking coffee on a particularly cold day may cause the molars to crack or in rare cases shatter.

What if the glue comes off the brace?

make sure that the brave, then call your orthodontist and schedule an appointment to get it put back on. I speak from expereince, in the past 3 months, i have lost six

How do the orthadontists take off braces?

Well when i went i had to get a permanent retainer first. Then they clipped each individual bracket off. And then they yank really hard. This caused my gums to bleed. A lot! Then they let you rinse. After that they scrape off any glue that is left on. Then they will sand the rest of the glue off wit ( Full Answer )

How do braces off?

they take off the wire first than they heat the glue up that's on every bracket (piece of metal) this takes 30 minutes to an hour and I didn't have fun doing this. make sure you wear the retainer! its very important to keep your teeth straight and if you thought every tightening was bad the teeth ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your bracket fell off of your braces?

Well, the first thing you should do is call your orthodontist's office and he/she can book an appointment for you and get it fixed. You should never try to do anything to it, cause if you do it can cause you to have braces a lot longer than you want.