How do you get the glue from your braces off?

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Do you mean after you've had your braces off? When you get your braces taken off the dentist removes most off the glue. Sometimes there is still some left. You can either ask the dentist to remove the extra glue again, which he would probably be "too busy" to do. Or like me just take a pointy metal object and scrape it off. I think I used a pointy knife. Just be sure you scratch lightly and slowly and eventually it will come off.
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How do you get your braces off?

Answer . \nYour orthodontist (the doctor for braces) will do it when the time is right to remove them. \nDont take them off early - they might be horrible now but you will

How do you get braces off?

There are many ways you can get your braces off :: eating a apple, or even chewing gum , but its not safe for your teeth! Its just better to wait til your doctor takes it off.

Does the glue in braces taste bad?

You should keep your tongue back as far as you can, as that will delay the taste. But, you'll eventually taste it and theres nothing you can do about it as the glue particles

Can the brace glue stick to your cheek?

\n. \nIt can but the assistants are there to make sure that it doesn't. Don't worry nothing will happen and your cheeck wont be stuck to your braces!\nNo it cant because when

Does it hurt more when you get your braces on or when you get your braces off?

it hurts so bad i cried for 2 hours non stop. run run. --Well, I have braces on right now. I remember that it didn't hurt when my orthodontist was putting my braces on. I'm a

When do you get your braces off?

\nWhen you get your braces off is dependent on how much work you need to be done on your teeth, what kind of braces you have and how well you take care of them.

Do braces hurt when they glue them on?

Braces do not hurt at all when they are glued onto your teeth. And don't listen to anyone who says they do. Sure it feels a bit weird but there is no pain! :)
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How do you get glue off?

That depends entirely on the type of glue and what it is on. Please give more information if you expect a sensible answer to this complex question.
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When can you get your braces off?

That is up to your orthodondist. It also depends how long your treatment plan is and how much work your teeth needed.
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What if the glue comes off the brace?

make sure that the brave, then call your orthodontist and schedule an appointment to get it put back on. I speak from expereince, in the past 3 months, i have lost six
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How do braces off?

they take off the wire first than they heat the glue up that's on every bracket (piece of metal) this takes 30 minutes to an hour and I didn't have fun doing this. make sur