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To get the hover board you have to go inside, pull a rope, and the jump on the mill and keep it going until the dome on top opens.

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Q: How do you get the hover board in the mill in poptropica?
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Where is the hovercraft in Poptropica?

the hover craft in poptropica is in the top of the mill to open it jump on the spikes

What to do after the hover board in poptropica?

the hover board is hovering over the mud then it will take you to a spaceship. hope that this works

How do you turn the mill in poptropica?

First, you have to go in the mill and pull the rope. That will lift the thing holding back the mill from turning. Then, go outside and jump on the on the part that is supposed to move. That will get the lid on top of the mill to open. Enter into the opening and you will find the hover board.

Where is the hover board in Astro Knights Island?

the hover board is in the attic of the mill. if you have got this far, jump on the wheel things and keep spinning them until the little bubble at the top of the mill opens. Jump inside and get the hover board by using your manure.Hope this helps!

How do you get the mini hover board working on poptropica?

Get a bag of manure from a freckled guy beside the hay, and use the manure on the hover board.

What you do next after you get the roof of the wind mill open in poptropica?

Go inside the cover and you will find a hover disk.

Where is the hovercraft on Poptropica?

if you are talking about the hover craft on astroknights it is in the top of the wind mill tower. spin the blades on the wind mill and the top will open up so you can get it

How do you get the hover thingy from the top level of the mill in poptropica?

You jump on the spikes on the left until the top opens. Then you go inside

What do you use the fertalizer for on astr-nights poptropica?

go to the wind mill and spin the top left and use it on the space thind Then you will power the floating platfoarm.

How do you turn on the hover craft in poptropica astro knights?

on the left of the ye old mill theres a gut holding a shovel talk to him and he will give you manure then go to the hover craft and click use on the manure and that's how you turn it on

Where is the mud swamp on Astro Knights Island?

To the right of the Mill. To cross, use the hovercraft (hover board). (see related question)

Where is the helicopter on Astro Knights Island?

There is no helicopter. There is a hover board in the attic of the mill that will get you across the mud swamp. (see related question)